relatively good day despite crappy sleep

Relatively good day despite crappy sleep

I didn’t go to bed until practically dawn. Around 0500, I was still up and had to call my psychiatrist because I was worried I was going to be up a full 24 hours. She called me back right away and was kind of worried as I never called her before at that hour. I told her the situation, that I had severe nerve pain that kept me up and then I basically got my second wind. I was contemplating taking some benedryl but she preferred me taking Ativan. She also was worried that I should be in the hospital. I knew if I tried to make my way across town to the hospital, I probably fall asleep and that wouldn’t do anyone any good. She asked if I was safe and I told her I was and she wanted me to call her when I woke up later in the afternoon.

I slept for about four hours. I got up to take my blood pressure medicine and to use the bathroom. I was able to go back to sleep after taking some pain meds. My ankle was starting to cause me grief and I nipped it in the bud. I slept a few more hours and then wanted to order food. I wanted pizza and fries and for the hell of it, ordered a cheese steak. It was yummy. I had one slice of pizza because I had the sub and fries. I ate most of the fries then went back to my cave.

My good friend sent me a birthday care package and wow with the stuff she gave me. I got a copy of the best of RENT, two DVDs of RENT, a Starbucks gift card and the sweetest birthday card I ever received. I plan on watching the Broadway version of Rent rather than the movie. I had seen it in Boston twice. It’s my favorite musical of all time, next to King and I.

All I have done today is eat and went out to go to Starbucks. I needed an espresso. I didn’t get 4 shots because I didn’t want to be up all hours. I had two shots over soy milk. I froze my ass off. My legs are still thawing out. I do need to protest my ears a little better from the bitter cold. I need to find my knitted hat and gloves. Going to need them tomorrow. I put the gloves in the “place I will remember” and I can’t find that place. So frustrating. I probably will find them in the Spring.

My psychiatrist brought up my therapist this morning when she talked to me. I tried not to start crying. She thought I would be up because of that but pain was really keeping me up. I am feeling pretty good despite everything. I hope I am not becoming hypomanic. That would not be good. But I think it’s just a little left over sleep deprivation going on and I am still on that “high”. I still feel really tired though. I really hope I will sleep tonight. Pain doesn’t seem too bad right now but it wasn’t this time last night either. It got really bad around 2100 and stayed until 0300. So for six fucking hours, I was in torture. I hope the Neurontin can protect me for the next 24 hours. I will take it in about a half hour to be sure I have coverage. That is all I can do at this point.

any thoughts?

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