Rest Day 2

Rest Day

I spent the day resting my ankle and foot. I wanted to sleep but never did. I just had dinner and now my ankle is acting up. I never can win. But I needed a day to do nothing as tomorrow is going to be a little stressful. I have a course I am taking on how to promote your book. It’s in a part of Boston that I don’t go to regularly but the T station I have to get off at is old and doesn’t have elevators. I have to go up the stairs and that part is stressing me out more than walking to the building where the course is held. Least there is a Starbucks at the corner of the street so I can get my fix before the class starts.

I didn’t make coffee today. I had wanted to but I never got around to it. It’s too late now to make it. I will be up most of the night and I got to get up early tomorrow as the class meets mid-morning. I need to take a shower tonight so this pain that I am feeling now better skedaddle. Pain isn’t too severe but I can’t take any more of my regular pain meds until later tonight.

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