no sleep and a lot of pain

No sleep and a lot of pain

I woke up at 0300 and didn’t go back to sleep at all. My check came in so I bought my groceries and paid some bills. I took a shower as I was in minimal pain. I waited an hour for the next bus to the Square so I could get my espresso and breakfast. I wrote for a couple of hours and then I left to go to my PCP’s office so I could get my prescription. My ankle started hurting but it wasn’t bad. I was getting tired as I had been up so early. I went back to the Square to get my haircut.

I got a nice cut and then I took a cab home as I just missed the bus. I went to Walgreens to fill my prescription. I was getting sleepy so figured I would nap when I came home. My ankle was throbbing but not too bad. Until I laid down to nap. Then all fucking hell broke loose. I have been in pain since 1500 and haven’t been able to quiet it down. I took two strong pain pills and some Ativan to get to sleep and I am still awake. The pain is a 20 on a scale of 1-10.

I feel physically sick because I am so sleep deprived right now. I had to take a Zofran so I wouldn’t throw up. I am so tired but I am kind of wired because the pain is so bad. It’s got me thinking bad thoughts. I think if I didn’t have my grocery delivery tomorrow morning, I might do something. But I won’t. I want to but I just can’t. I am so sick of this shit. I can’t take my regular pain meds for another hour.

I plan on taking my night meds soon. I think that will be the final straw to knock me out for the night. I think I am just so overtired that I just can’t sleep. Doesn’t help that my fucking neighbors are working on the house and are hammering away constantly day and night. My mother turned up the heat so my room is a sauna again, even with the ceiling fan going. I might have to open the window but it’s really windy so I don’t want to. Temps are supposed to drop severely tonight. I don’t care, I rather be cold than hot. I was having a blast as I had to put on my long sleeved t-shirt and thermal socks because I got cold before the heat kicked on. I didn’t mind being cold. But I have to protect my feet because they will cramp on me if they get too cold, especially my nerve damaged one.

I have no idea if I am making sense or not. I feel like I am just rambling. I hope I can wake up in time for the delivery. I will set my alarm as they are coming between 0730 and 0930. I rather they come that early than me wait all day for them. I want cocoa pebbles soon as I put everything away. I have been dying for that cereal for two weeks. I hope my ankle is feeling better tomorrow because I want to make Shepard’s pie. I love it. And my mother does, too so she can have dinner with me. Ativan is hitting me pretty hard so I will stop here for now. Until domani.

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