A sleepy and painful day

A sleepy and painful day

I woke up around 0330 with my ankle in agony. This is the first time in a long while that pain woke me up from a sound sleep. I took my meds and couldn’t settle down. Then I got my second wind so decided to take some Ativan to get back to sleep. I didn’t fall back to sleep till around 0700 or so.

My mother was visiting my aunt and called me a few times while I was sleeping. This interrupted sleep really made me groggy. I finally got up around 1100 and made pancakes. They were good. I wanted to do the dishes but I felt tired so I went back to sleep. I slept on and off for the next couple of hours until my niece came home from school. I let her in and she went downstairs. It was around 1500 and I still didn’t get a call from my PCP’s office about my prescription. I called and they now have it ready for me.

The therapist I called yesterday called me back. He isn’t taking anyone new. I kind of figured as much. Seems every therapist I call isn’t taking new clients. He told me to go to Psychology Today’s website to find someone. I said thanks and hung up. I felt defeated. There is one more place I can call before I totally give up hope. I will call tomorrow.

I got a big headache when I went back to bed after I let my niece in. My head just felt so damn heavy I didn’t want to move. My ankle was acting up again so I took some more pain meds and some headache medicine. After more than an hour, I still have the headache and no energy. My mother thinks I sleep all the time. I have tried telling her that I don’t but she doesn’t believe me. I give up. Let her think what she wants. I made a cup of tea and did the dishes in the sink while the water was on to boil. I didn’t make coffee today because I didn’t feel like having it.

The pancakes have made me so full that I haven’t eaten anything else today. I am not hungry, yet. I still feel groggy and weighed down. I should have stayed up rather than go back to sleep again. I’m going to try and take a shower later but I don’t know as my foot/ankle are really hurting. If not, I can always take it tomorrow morning. I have a few errands that need to done tomorrow so I hope I wake up before 10.

Looks like ibuprofen and tea helped my headache. I still feel kind of tired. I hope I don’t wake up in the wee hours of the morning again, though usually on pay day I do. If I do, I will order my groceries before the website goes down for a few hours. I would like an early morning time for delivery on Thursday. This way here, I can make my Shepard’s pie for dinner that night. I plan on cooking meats and stuff the next few days. I want to make my “dirty” gravy so I can have it with penne pasta. Gravy is just the Italian version of a tomato sauce. I don’t know why we call it gravy but we do. I also plan on making my Nantucket cranberry cake. I want to use up the cranberries that I have in the freezer. I love this cake. I plan on making it next week so I can bring some to my psychiatrist when I see her on Friday. If there is gravy left over, I will also give her some. Usually my gravy disappears because my family loves it so much. I don’t plan on making a big batch as I only bought a pound of beef. I might add meatballs but that might over do it. I also bought steak so I will have that one night. I will be a cooking machine next week. Hope my ankle can keep up!

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