Sunday Blog 26

Sunday Blog 26

I did a lot today. I started the day off with a much needed shower. That wiped me out but I couldn’t rest because I had to visit my aunt. Seeing her was difficult as she was easily confused and kept asking for her son (my cousin). She wanted to talk to him so I called him on my phone. She was asking where he was and when he was going to visit her. This was the first time seeing her in this state and it was heartbreaking. We left after the phone call as she was tired and needed a nap.

We had a long ride back home as there was traffic. I still had to cook my sauce. It took about two hours to be ready. I am glad because I was starving as I didn’t have lunch. By the time I was done making the sauce and cooking the pasta, I was toast. I was so exhausted I barely could move. My mother ended up cleaning up as I could barely stand. My foot was screaming at me.

I didn’t have a good sleep as I again woke up around 0400 after falling asleep around 2. I am really sick of waking up before 6. I need to nap because I am hurting so much. I filled my pill box last night so I am set to take my meds for the week. I am glad I did it because I am wicked tired and to fill the box right now would be a joke. I would just take this or that and say the hell with the rest of my meds.

I made the mistake of telling my sister I was making sauce. Now she wants some. She was complaining the whole time she was having pasta. No salt in the dish. I should have made it with peppers and onions. Blah blah blah. I was like next time you make it the way you want it. I make things the way I like it. My mother even complained there was no salt. I never use salt when cooking. I think things are over salted and it sucks. I like things plain and will use pepper before I reach for the salt. I thought the pasta and sauce came out really good, though the pasta could have been cooked a little more. I was cooking a pasta I don’t normally cook so it was difficult to tell when it was done. I will know for next time.

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