cold and rainy and tiring day

Cold and rainy and tiring day

I woke up at 0600 to use the bathroom. I was contemplating going back to sleep or not. But my exhaustion took over. Just in case, I set my alarm for 0945 so that I wouldn’t oversleep. I need to catch the 1050 bus to do the things I needed to do today. I woke up with my phone going off and a lot of fricken messages. I had to take my blood pressure pill and there were a lot of T messages saying there were delays, mostly for the buses I take but not the one I needed to be on at 1050, thank goodness. I went downstairs to brush my teeth and wash up a little bit. I really just wanted to crawl back in my bed but I had to see my psych.

I caught the bus. It was drizzling out and fricken cold. I was glad I wore my heavy sweatshirt and jacket. I went to the post office to mail my friend the stuff that got lost in the mail last week. I had bought myself the same things so I just mailed her my supply, which I will reorder next week. I am still pissed the post office sent her a ripped envelope. But it’s my fault for not sending the stuff in a box. I got the box today. It was a little big for the contents but they wouldn’t get lost. It’s insured so if they do lose it, I can get my money back. I then went to Starbucks.

I ordered my drink and when I went to get a seat, Carrie Underwood’s song “something in the water” came on the radio. I love that song. Once it was over and I had my drink and my breakfast sandwich, I played it on my MP3 player. I was listening to my country songs and not really thinking about things, when all of a sudden I did. I thought of my ex-therapist and my father and that combination just saddened me to no end. I thought I was going to cry I hurt so bad. It really sucked and my mood just faltered. I really just wanted to go home and skip my psychiatrist’s appointment but I had already made it this far. I didn’t do any writing, just played on my phone. I didn’t even read Twitter as I was just so upset.

It had sort of stopped raining when I left for the train station. I got there in plenty of time. My psych was late, as usual. We talked about my new therapist and how he was. She wrote down his name. I didn’t tell her about my nephew’s problems. I told her I was nearly crushed by the grief I felt about my former therapist and my father hitting me today. I also told her I have no motivation and need to “force” myself to do things. It just wears me out and I need a nap for a couple of hours every day. We talked about what we were going to do about my father’s anniversary. I still can’t believe he has been gone a year. Seems like only yesterday.

After my appointment, I went to the Square and got my haircut. The barber and I talked the whole time he cut my hair about a whole range of shit. I really love him. I got an awesome cut. He does a real good job so I don’t mind him talking my ear off. I caught the next bus home and as I walked in the door, my cousin called me. I was taking off my AFO and nearly fell. I stepped on the damn thing to keep from falling over, which hurt my foot. I must have taken the damn thing off a million times and this is the first time I trip over it. I just can’t be doing something else when it comes to my feet. Other than my foot being sore, I was okay and I don’t think I damaged the AFO. I am wicked exhausted. I just want my leftover Chinese food for supper and call it a night. I know I am probably going to pay for it tomorrow or tonight but I got nothing that needs doing until Sunday.

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G. Collerone

suicide attempt survivor writing about the hopelessness that accompanies depression that no one likes to talk about. also writing about my daily struggle with chronic pain and how it affects my suicidality

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