neurontin hangover and other things

Neurontin hangover and other things

I woke up at an early hour, which I don’t remember now. I was in pain and so I took my pain meds. Within a couple of hours, the pain was still there and I said fuck it, I wasn’t going to do anything today. I took 900 mg of Neurontin and went to sleep. I just woke up now with the hugest hangover. I made a burger and then some much needed coffee.

I still don’t have internet services. I am using my phone’s hotspot to connect and publish my blogs. I am using data like crazy. I still haven’t reached a 1 GB mark on my phone or hotspot data but it’s getting close. I called Verizon last night and they said there is a problem in the central office. They are working on the problem and will call me when it’s straightened out. I have the modem off for now. No need for it to be on as I can’t use it.

Last night I was going to watch STTNG but Roger Clemens was in the Sox booth calling the game. He is one of my all time favorite pitchers. I have three of his rookie cards. They aren’t graded so I don’t know the value of the cards, but if it’s a good grade it would be worth a lot of money. I had a website where I could send my cards to be graded for I think like $20. I was going to send one of the cards but never did. Now I don’t know where I saved the website. I was trying to look for it with my phone but the google on your phone is much different than on your laptop browser. I couldn’t find the site to send it. I downloaded an app but in order to use it, you had to pay a monthly charge. I wasn’t going to do that.

It was awesome hearing Clemens call the game last night. The Sox won 2-1. It was a fast paced game as the pitchers didn’t take too long between pitches. It felt longer because there were minimal hits.

I’m still in a lot of pain. I plan on making another burger for dinner later. I froze the other burgers in the package. I wish I had called my mother this morning to take out my ground beef so that I could make my gravy tomorrow. I’ll probably take it out Monday to make it Tuesday. I would tomorrow but I have therapy Monday evening and I don’t want to be in pain when I go.

I think I am going to start watching at least a couple episodes of STTNG. The game is on at 2000 again. I’d like to do something before that time. If I had internet, I would just read Twitter. One of my therapist friends who is gay was talking about the history of Pride and the gay liberation movement. It’s been a learning experience. In between he talks about what he plans on making for dinner. Last night, he made potato pancakes. I love them. He offered me a chair at his table, which I thought was nice of him. He just so cool. If I had found him earlier, he might have been my therapist. I really hope that I can have the courage to talk to my therapist on Monday about my concerns. It will be really hard for me as I am not used to asking what I need. I just go with the flow and that hurts me, sometimes. Maybe I will write it down and read it off to him. That might help center my thoughts better and I won’t forget what I want to discuss.

I still am reeling that he wasn’t as supportive as I thought he would be when I told him I was moving forward with my transition. That really bugged me and made me cancel last week’s session. I think I will write it up as I am drinking my espresso on Monday. I might do it before hand if I really think about it. Thing is, I don’t want to think about it. I spent 16 years trying to get my therapist to get me and I failed. In the end, she decided she wasn’t “effective” for me, all because of a blog I wrote about one session. That started our demise and things ended a few months later. I really don’t want the same thing happening with this therapist. Mostly because finding a therapist lately has been so fucking difficult. I live where thousands of therapists are and yet most of them are not taking on new clients.

What hurts the most is that she decided to split on our anniversary date. Then a month later, we had our last session. I’m still expecting her to call me. Now I am just in touch with her for billing questions on my outrageous statement.

any thoughts?

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