Cruise Night

Cruise night

My youngest sister and I went on a Booze Cruise to benefit autism. It was a great night. My sister knew more people than I did, but I still had a good time. I took pics until it got too dark. The weather was great. By the time we went back to the dock, I was hurting. My sister wanted to go out with her friends so she called me an Uber to go home. I shared a car with a couple who lived in my area. We hit every fricken red light until we got on the highway.

My day was fairly okay. Before the cruise, we went to Legal Seafood for dinner. They got my order wrong, twice! Then when the right order came, I wasn’t that hungry anymore. I ate half the sandwich and some fries. It was okay but my mouth was hurting. The dentist finally called in the antibiotic and some oral rinse that I need to use. I see the dentist on Monday morning. I had one drink on the cruise and didn’t want to take pain meds but my mouth was hurting me more than my chronic pain. It was really uncomfortable.

I am really tired and sore. I stood a lot and when I took off my sock when I got home, it set off my foot pain. I think it’s going to be a long night.

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