thought today would be a low pain day, wrong!

Thought today would be a low pain day, wrong!

I slept through the night for the first time in months. I woke up around 0630 just to use the bathroom. I wasn’t in that much pain. I was hungry though as all I had to eat yesterday was a turkey and cheese roll up. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I went out after I paid a few bills and ordered my groceries.

I wanted to leave after I had my breakfast but I also wanted some more turkey breast as I used the last of it yesterday. I had a few minutes before the next bus so went to the grocery store. I thought I said turkey breast but when I rang it up, it said ham. I had to go back to the deli counter. By then I had missed the bus so I got another bus to take me down the street to take me home.

I had some scripts at Walgreens to pick up and I also wanted to get a foot cushion for my AFO. My foot was starting to hurt but it wasn’t too bad. As soon as I got to the street and a few steps beyond Walgreens, my ankle gave out. I was in severe pain. Fuck. I had a block to walk before I reached home. I was not happy. I basically tried walking without putting weight on my ankle. It was tough. I had taken my pain meds before I left the house so I needed to take the strong pain meds to settle down. Now I am bedridden the rest of the day. I just hurt so bad.

I had to restart my laptop as it was slow and the screen was getting glitchy. I need to have it replaced. I don’t know if my laptop is slow because of it being old or what. When I get the screen replace, I’ll have my friend take a look. Maybe I need more RAM or something. It seems to be fine now but that can change.

I finally finished the antibiotics today. I hate taking meds three times a day. It sucks! My gums still hurt and are still swollen. I am finally able to eat on that side without too much trouble though with the swelling, it always feels like there is something stuck there.

I was reading an article on CRPS that was written in Australia. They call this the “suicide disease” because it is so painful. I believe it. More than a few times, I have thought and planned to end my life because of the pain. I seriously am thinking of getting my medical records from my neuro so see what she wrote for yesterday’s visit. It’s kind of a blur to me and it’s still not clear if I have CRPS or she was diagnosing me with small fiber neuropathy. I was so sleepy that I just didn’t have her full attention. I do know it pissed me off that she didn’t exam my foot/ankle because I had the damn AFO on. Jerk. I guess I need to wait until Oct to get a clear cut answer, I hope. All this rift raft is driving me crazy. And in the meantime, I am in horrendous pain that makes me want to die and feel useless.

any thoughts?

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