feeling a day off

Feeling a day off

Because I had a rough night sleeping, I woke feeling disoriented. Despite my phone being near me, I missed a phone call this morning from my PCP’s office. I’m glad they left a detailed message so I didn’t have to call to find out what they wanted. My scripts are ready so I’ll pick it up tomorrow before my psych appointment. I thought today was Friday when I woke up but when I checked my phone, it was Thursday. Totally disorienting. I woke up feeling stuffy. Allergies are bad today. I need to use my Flonase to clear up the congestion.

I felt like going out as my pain was minimal. I checked the new schedule and there was a bus at 1145 I could catch. I washed up and brushed my teeth. I grabbed some cookies to bring with me and left to walk to the bus stop. My phone was at 50% but I figured I could charge it at Starbucks. I ordered my drink and something to eat when I got close to Starbucks. I really like the mobile order. I felt like getting a snickers latte today so I created it. I then saved it in my favorites so I can order it when I am in the mood.

I didn’t stay long as the portable charger I had was dead. I couldn’t charge my phone. It was good I left when I did because an estimator was at the door but my mother didn’t hear the doorbell. We need to redo the porches as the wood is rotting. I stayed with him while he was talking to my mother so I knew what was going on and my mother could hear him and understand. He said he would call with an estimate.

Last night my laptop screen went berserk on me. It’s glitchiness is getting worse. I think I am going to get a new laptop. I was pricing what I need/want from Dell. Whatever model I chose, it still was around $600, the most expensive was the software for Office 2016. I am going to try and see if I can get a better price online. Maybe Amazon has it a little lower price or something.

I’m feeling really tired as I was up late. I wrote a blog while I was up in pain. Someone I don’t know on Twitter tweeted me and we talked for a while until sleep entered our brains. She said she would tweet me in the afternoon but I haven’t heard from her yet. I was full of despair last night as I was so fed up being in pain for the 4th day in a row. I have no idea what I wrote in the blog as I didn’t type it on my laptop. I just used the WordPress app. I was feeling so miserable so god only knows what I wrote.

I asked what my mother wanted for dinner and she wanted me to cook pasta. Normally, I wouldn’t mind but I was thinking of a turkey roll up so I’m having that and she is going to make herself pasta. I need to use up the turkey breast I bought. I bought a pound because I was going through smaller amounts. But I am the only that eats it. My mother doesn’t like it for whatever reason. She never really likes what I buy.

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