Afternoon activities

Afternoon activities

I woke up around 1400. I really didn’t feel like doing anything but I forced myself out of bed. I made my bacon and egg burrito. It was really good. I didn’t feel like making coffee so I took a shower, got dressed, and then caught the bus to the Square. What I didn’t know was there was an event going on. I had to get off a stop earlier to get to Starbucks. There were tons of people, some food carts, and streets were blocked off. This made me nervous as I don’t know how I was going to get home.

I went to Starbucks to get my drinks. The soy milk curdled so I asked for another drink. It tasted better with fresh soy milk. I wrote for a bit and then started to worry about how I was going to get home. I wanted to see if I could get plastic folder for my paperwork for my name change. I went to CVS and they had something. I bought it and then walked all the way down the street to another square to catch the bus home. I just missed it as I was approaching the stop. Figures. The next bus was in 20 minutes so I didn’t have to wait long. It was humid out and I was sweaty as I waited. Luckily, I brought a facecloth with me so I wiped the sweat off my face and neck. I didn’t wear a ball cap because I wanted to show off my new haircut.

Bus came and I had to go to Walgreens for my mother. She needed some paper plates. Luckily, they had them in stock. I also got some more White Castle burgers. I went home and was feeling okay, a little sore but okay. It was stuffy in my room so I turned the AC on. I put on my PJs and my foot started to act up. I checked my steps counter to see how many I walked. 3,915. Not bad. I know I can’t do this every day but it’s nice to do every once in a while. I hope I am not in excruciating pain later tonight. That would not be good, though I am kind of expecting it.

My Sox are not playing today. They lost their last two games. If they lose tomorrow, that is it. The season is over for them and the Astros advance to the next round of play. I am so disappointed. Their bats are pretty silent and they are not showing any heart in playing. I will try and listen to the game. This has been the first postseason that I haven’t been able to watch the game because they are on channels I don’t get, like the MLB Network and FS1. Bastards.

I just took my night meds and I hope in a few hours, I will get to sleep without waking up again in pain. I am hurting a lot though. My foot is so cold and the top feels like someone is crushing it. I’m sure the pain will spread as time goes on. I almost fell down the stairs as I was bringing up some paper goods for my mother. Damn balance is off. Scared me but I didn’t fall. I’m going to try and read a book. I haven’t read in more than a month. Think Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be good. It’s easy reading.

any thoughts?

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