waking up in pain

Waking up in pain, all day in pain, can’t sleep because of pain, when will it end???

Around 0430, I woke up in pain. I had to use the bathroom and was walking ok until I left the bathroom. My foot exploded in pain. It was hard to walk back up the stairs to my room. I thought about calling my psychiatrist but what can she do? She can’t do anything. I feel so frustrated. I took my strong pain pill and some Neurontin. I also took some fiber so I can have a bowel movement. I hate being backed up because of meds.

Looks like today is going to be another day in bed. I just don’t care. I wanted to go to the Square for some espresso. If I feel up to it later, maybe I will make some coffee at home. I still have my Hawaiian coffee. I now use spring water to make my coffee rather than tap water. It makes the coffee taste better.

My last grocery order I bought some Boar’s Head bacon. It’s already cooked, you just microwave it to heat it up. I might make a bacon and egg burrito when I make the coffee. It all depends on how I feel.

I got the results of my blood tests. My cholesterol and HDL are over the normal by 1 point. My doc said that it was “very mildly elevated”. It could be the meds causing it. I’m not worried about it. If it was more than a few points, I might be. Everything else looks good.

Man my foot is hurting so damn bad. It feels like it is being crushed. I hope I get back to sleep soon but I’m not sure because of the pain I am in. I took some Ativan to calm me down as I am getting upset by the pain.

any thoughts?

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