lazy day of doing nothing

Lazy day of doing nothing

I slept pretty well, around 7 hours according to my phone. I woke up around 7, still feeling good. I wasn’t in too much pain. I took my pain meds anyway and my blood pressure pills. Then had a bowl of cereal. I was making a cup of tea when my mother came down. I made her breakfast as she wasn’t feeling too good. It was cold, only 4 degrees out. I had thought about going out but it was freezing. After my mother was settled, I went upstairs with my tea. I read some of the book Tex, like 3 chapters. I finished my tea and then felt tired so I went back to sleep.

My mother called me around noon but I didn’t pick up. I fell back to sleep and woke up two hours later. I called her when my brain was working to see what she wanted. She asked if I was alive or dead. OK. Whatever. I went downstairs and made something to eat. My amazon delivery had arrived but I didn’t feel like going down to get it. They rang the bell. After I had lunch, I went down and got it and the mail. My protein bars and a few other items came. I had ordered a mat for the shower stall as it can get slippery. It was heavy. I hope it fits. I also got a wireless mouse to replace the one that broke. I keep hitting the buttons on the side as I am not used to them. I think they are going to drive me crazy.

I wanted a cup of tea after I played on my laptop for a bit. I wanted to finish Tex. I made my tea and then went back up to my room to read. Wow, SE Hinton always throws you a curve and a double whammy! The book was excellent. I now have read 14 books this year. I don’t think I can read 9 before Sunday so I am not going to make my challenge. I need to set limits on my social media and phone use so I can read more books. It’s not that I don’t have any to read. I think I am going to read the book my friend gave me a month or so ago. It’s short so I might be able to finish it before the year ends.

After my reading, I took a shower. The shower stall stunk of fish! That salted cod really stinks up the house. It was freezing in the bathroom as there is no heat. My bro in law had replaced the heater but it doesn’t work right. It works for about 5 mins and then shuts off. Useless! He should have bought a new unit altogether but he likes shortcuts. Drives me crazy.

Tomorrow I need to go to my PCP’s office to pick up my prescriptions. I was going to get a haircut but I goofed on my bills, again. I overpaid my therapist and would have overpaid my medical insurance but I was able to cancel it before it was processed. I have $2 to my name until next month. I am such a fucking idiot. I rather have $2 than be in the negative of $200, which would have happened if I wasn’t able to stop that payment. I am glad I checked. I do everything through my bank’s app and it doesn’t show the Bill Pay stuff unless you go into it like it did before they changed everything. I wish they had a notification of some sort telling you you had stuff pending. I always do stuff and then forget I did them so do it again. My memory is not as good as it used to be. I only have two bills that I use through online banking so you would think I would remember. Everything else I pay using my debit card as I need so many transactions a month to keep my checking account free.

After I finished the book, I kind of noticed that my pain levels have been low most of the day. It kind of went up a notch while I was in the shower but now I am resting, it went down again. I don’t know if this is because of the new med or not. If 50 mg keeps my pain low, then I will just stay at that dose. No need to increase it. I was expecting to hurt after all the cooking I did yesterday but it’s not that bad. Maybe I will benefit from this drug after all. To be continued…

any thoughts?

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