Saturday Blog 5 May 2018

Saturday Blog 5-May-18

I woke up at six. I can’t remember why. Around 0630, my ankle started bothering me so I took my pain meds. I had wanted to get my screen today but I didn’t set my alarm when I fell back to sleep. I didn’t get up till noon and the place was closed. I took some more pain meds and then went downstairs. I took the Brie cheese out to make a wrap. Then I went back up to my room. I was hungry, forgot about the cheese, and ordered tacos. It was Cinco de Mayo after all. When the tacos came, I put the cheese back in the fridge.

After I ate, I decided to make Pumpkin cake. I haven’t had pumpkin in a long time. I never got to make it during the holidays because of pain. Now I have it for dessert tomorrow. I will bring some to my Aunt’s as my sisters and I are going to see her. We are going to have pizza. It should be fun but I am kind of dreading it because the last time I visited I cried. She has deteriorated so much. Definitely not the same person anymore. Sad that illness changes a person.

I had to file an infringement form on Amazon because there were sellers selling my book for more than what I listed my price as. I am not even sure it is my book they are selling or if they stole it and are marketing it for their own gain. I found out Amazon is letting third party sellers have the “buy” button but I don’t know what that means exactly. I found out that these sellers do not give the authors or their publishers money/royalties for the sales. I don’t know if that is what these other priced up sellers are doing. I just made some postcards for my 2nd book and I am wondering if I wasted my money. I was going to promote my book now it just seems pointless.

any thoughts?

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