A cup of tea with a little bit (ok a lot) of pain

A cup of tea with a little bit (ok a lot) of pain

I was supposed to go see my aunt today with my sisters but I hardly got any sleep last night and my pain was off the scale when I got up. I have no idea if it rained but it was cloudy most of the day. The temps have cooled off and I wish I could open my window. I hope to get my screen tomorrow after therapy.

I haven’t been that hungry today. I had a turkey roll up with chipotle mayo. I liked it but my stomach didn’t. I had my cake and other than a couple pieces of cornbread with my tea, that has been it. I will try to have a bowl of cereal later.

My sister called me and was telling me about the family history. Then she told me my cousin, who is as much a Sox fan as I am, was upset that I haven’t texted him all season about the game. HAHA I texted him and gave him the update. He thought I watched the game, but I don’t. I usually listen on the radio or just follow the chatter on twitter. We talked for a bit. I miss seeing him. I wish I had a car and can see them whenever I wanted but I don’t.

Last night after I put on diclofenac gel on my foot and ankle to try and calm it down so I could sleep, I tried to install the drivers to my laptop. Something wonky happened and the laptop restarted. I just shut it off and went to sleep. I tried again before writing and was able to load them without calling support! That is the first time. I am glad I somewhat remembered how to do it on the POS. Think I am going to rename that laptop POS and call this one Milo. Only seems fitting.

I need to make some time for reading. I haven’t been able to finish a book since February. I am about halfway through 1984. I don’t remember the last time I picked it up. Think I will after I finish this blog. I can usually read a few chapters at a time. I just bought a book about chronic pain that a blog reader recommended. I want to finish 1984 so I could start it. I don’t know if I will get back into Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. It is a weird book. I found out that his genre is fantasy fiction. Never even knew it had a name. I follow him on twitter. He is a good guy. I want to be a quarter of the writer he is, but with dealing with chronic pain, writing has been so hard. Some days I don’t want to write this blog but I force myself to. If I get at least 300 words written, I call it a success. Some days I can write a longer blog but I try to write at least 500 words a day. I don’t know why I have that goal in mind and it would kill me to accomplish it but some days my concentration just isn’t there. Maybe if my pain is better controlled and I can sit at Starbucks for a few hours, I can get some writing done. The POS will be good to take with me and I don’t have to have it connected to the internet. I will turn off the wifi so I am not distracted. My phone will be the other obstacle but one thing at a time. Going to Starbucks on days I don’t have appts will be huge. I don’t have any appointments this week other than with my therapist tomorrow. I do want to make the morning glory muffins again. Those were yummy. So balancing my time this week will be huge. I have the time to read. Just hope I can do it.

any thoughts?

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