Buses, voting, and feeling accomplished

Buses, voting, and feeling accomplished

I woke up about quarter to seven. I wanted to sleep so I fudged the med alarm so it wouldn’t go off. I took my meds. But I had a hard time falling back to sleep. I was feeling edgy. I had to make three phone calls and then go out to vote. I gave up trying to sleep around 9 and made my phone calls. None were able to do what I wanted. I am still waiting for a callback but I doubt I will receive it. I played with my phone for a bit and then got dressed to go to the Square. The bus came and I placed the order for my sandwich. I also ordered a donut because I haven’t had one in a while. When I got to Starbucks, I ordered my espresso as I had my cup. There is a barista there that is not nice and is always curt with me. I don’t know why. I just reply with kindness and thank yous. What else are you going to do when someone is being a bitch to you?

I had my breakfast and then wrote for a bit. I checked the bus schedules so I wasn’t stuck. I needed to take the bus down the street. Then one that went to the polls. It gave me about 45 minutes to an hour to write, which was plenty of time. I realized while I was writing, I should have typed up what I wrote in my notebook on the two things I have written. I might do it later, if I feel up to it. I need to put the notebook back in my bag as that is my “essay” notebook. It just writing that I write that eventually gets translated to blogs or letters to someone. Or just writing down my thoughts that are not journal related. Around 11, I left for the bus depot to begin the trek around town.

I got to my first stop ok. And the second bus came not too long after. I was glad. There was hardly anyone at the polls and I didn’t like the candidates. No one was running against anyone else hardly. I thought there would be questions on the ballot but there weren’t so I guess that will be the November election. I got my sticker and then went to the bus stop. That bus took forever. My app said it would be coming in 12 minutes, then it said 26 minutes. I have no idea how accurate this app is. I saw it in an article that it was supposed to be reliable than other apps but how could it go from 12 minutes to 26 and no bus had showed up?? There was no place to sit so I stood the whole time waiting. I wanted to catch the connecting bus home, which was at 1145. Around 1150, the bus came to take me down the street for the bus home. I didn’t get a monthly pass so was using money for all these buses. I thought transfers were free but I guess it is now 25 cents, which sucks. My mother wanted me to get the Walgreens flyer so I stopped there before going home.

My feet were killing me and I was sweating as it was so hot and humid. The house was worse. I think I sweated more when I was in the house than outside. I gave my mother the flyer and then went up to my room. It was around noon so only took me around 2 and a half hours being out. I had the AC going in my room so it would stay cool. I am fricken exhausted. I had to have lunch but it wasn’t happening until I cooled off. I thought about taking a nap but I couldn’t really as I was hungry. I had lunch and now I am thinking about a nap. I don’t know if I will sleep as my ankle is hurting me.

I am just going to chill the rest of the day until the Sox game. I might try and read a few chapters of Poe. Book was killing me last night. It kept throwing curves and I couldn’t put it down, even though I was so fricken tired. Then when I did, my damn leg jerked, causing my quad muscle to hurt really bad. I emailed my neuro to see if I could get lidocaine patches. I need something as massaging is not working. I emailed my PT the same thing. I have to send her another email because the pain program wasn’t able to do anything about my evals (one of the 3 phone calls today). I figure I let her know so maybe she can do something. I frankly don’t care either way as I just want it out of the way so I can say, ya, I did this and still hurt so can my dose be increased to the pain doc. I fucking hate him. He just annoys me because he doesn’t listen to me, at all. He also doesn’t think I have CRPS. I just want to smack him but assault charges aren’t worth it.

any thoughts?

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