Sunday Blog 3 Sept 18

Sunday Blog 3 Sept 18

I wrote a blog via my phone in the WordPress app back in March. Someone recently commented on it and I replied. He replied. I read it to refresh my memory and found like two errors. I knew immediately it was done on my phone only because when I type “can’t” I sometimes hit the V so it becomes “vant”. The app nor my phone doesn’t correct like it should. I’d probably have to tell the smartphone to do it and frankly, I don’t care. If I catch it, fine. If not, I am a bad speller/writer LOL

I can’t believe I have only eaten a Chimichanga and an ice cream sandwich. I just haven’t been hungry this weekend. I am waiting for the hungry horrors to happen. I kind of want a salami sandwich but I don’t think there is anymore. My mother was supposed to make peppers and eggs for supper. She put in onion and I don’t like it with onion, only because she doesn’t caramelized them so they are not cooked enough for me. She never caramelizes the onions. I like cooked onion not half cooked. I tell her this and she just does what she wants. Fine, I will make something else. I might make tuna if we don’t have salami.

I haven’t done much today. I read a couple of chapters of Poe Shadow. This author is really killing me with his twists in the middle of the book. I have about 120 pages left so don’t want to drop it. I first read this book 11 years ago. Completely forgot about it but know that it was about Poe’s death. It is not jarring my memory at all but then books will do that if I don’t find them that interesting. Probably why this book just stayed on my shelf, untouched since I read it. I am trying to work my way through it so I can finish it. I want to read John Grisham’s Camino Island. I started reading it when I took my mother to her doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago. It seems interesting. It is different than his other books as it isn’t really a lawyer book. He always has the same style that I noticed throughout his books. I guess that is why I lost interest in reading him. It was just a different character and different scenes but same plot. I hope the Poe Shadow author isn’t the same. I just got his latest book, Dante Chamber.

Facebook and Instagram is down. I have to wonder if the Russians did it, HAHA. I am going to vote tomorrow, which means having to take 4 buses because my asshole cousin can’t do it. He is a barber and supposedly has three or four jobs. I wish I could believe him but when he said a color, I am not buying it. He hates doing color, supposedly. So anyway, I don’t have a ride to the polls. I think Lyft is giving rides for discount or free but I don’t have an account with them and I don’t want to. I have Uber but that is only so I can use the UberEats app.

My pain has been okay so far. Nothing as bad as yesterday. It is really hot out and humid. My house is an oven. And the pollen is ridiculous. I only spent a few minutes while eating and had sneeze attacks. I don’t know why because I took my allergy pill this morning. I knew it was going to be bad. I hate allergies. I can’t wait for winter when everything is dead!

any thoughts?

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