Flare, writing from phone, bullshit of a day

Foot and ankle are in indescribable pain. The pain level is so high I don’t think a number can be assigned to it. It went out on me when I was going up to my room after dinner. I’ve been trying to control it. Nothing has helped and sound seems to be making it worse. I can’t make any movements or my foot goes berserk. I am in fucking hell.

My mother has annoyed me all fucking day since I got up. You would think after all this time she should know not to talk to me first thing in the morning, unless I initiate the conversation. I’ve been telling her all day that I hurt. I swear if I knew how to say it in Italian, i would. Maybe then she would understand. She wanted me to take the trash and recycling down. My sister was up this morning when I used the bathroom so why didn’t she ask her to take it down? Fuck. I cannot hold something while going down the stairs when I am hurting. Too much of a risk of a fall.

I took an Uber to my therapist’s area. I had some me time finally. I wrote a page and half in my journal. I ate my favorite Starbucks sandwich (holiday). My foot was not tolerating the sock but it was freezing out so I wasn’t going to not wear one with my sneakers. I am not going out again till maybe Friday.

I feel totally horrible because of pain. I need quiet when I am in a flare but the TV downstairs was loud. I could hear it as if it was in my room. No point in asking my mother to turn it down. I am “resting” so can’t be in pain. When my ankle gave out on the stairs, she asked where my cane was and I told her my room. Then she quipped I should have rested then. Like what the fuck does resting going to fucking do? Doesn’t matter if I rest all day or not. I flare nothing is going to help!! I’ve been in my room for nearly 3 hours. Taken meds and “rested” and pain has not gone down a notch. I have a heating pad on it and it feels like I have lead on it. The pad feels so heavy on my foot. But it got cold and there was no way I was attempting to put a sock on it. That would seriously be suicide. I’d rather kill myself than try that. I took extra pain meds. I figure I would write before I was toast.

I did my transition selfies today as it is day 63. I look pitiful in them and madder than hell. I wasn’t in a good mood so didn’t care. I tried a few time not to look like an asshole but it didn’t work. Oh well. I had a member in my group go off on me. Um, no you don’t. I gave her a warning for being hostile. Didn’t want to but she was so out of line.

I wanted to read tonight but ha, that is a joke. Meds are already starting to kick in so before my writing on my phone gets garbled, I’ll end here. Ciao.

any thoughts?

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