Merry Festivus

Merry Festivus

I don’t like Seinfeld, at all. He just annoys me but I hate my birthday more so Festivus this is. I had an okay day. We didn’t go out for pizza but stayed in because everyone has a cold. I was glad because my mother could be with us. She wasn’t feeling well either and she kindly gave me her cold for my birthday. When I told her, she said that she wasn’t near me. I then point at common things we touch and she still didn’t get it. I was bad at using hand sanitizer when I got back to my room. So I blame myself for getting sick.

My cousin came over to give me a card. That was nice of her. She always gives me something. She is so sweet. My mother made the cake like she wanted. I told her no sprinkles as I don’t like them and we argued about it. I had some spiked eggnog that my sister made last night. It was potent. I couldn’t finish the little glass that I had. I then took some Nyquil when I came back to my room as I was feeling crummy. My ankle gave out when I stood up. And again when I stood up after using the toilet. FUN! I am in so much pain it isn’t funny. I can’t breathe well. It is cold in my room. I just wanted to write something as I didn’t write yesterday.

I am supposed to see my friends on Christmas Day but I don’t want to get anyone sick. I will see how I feel tomorrow. I took mega doses of vitamin D. I swear by it to help colds. I hope that I am feeling better but sometimes it takes a few days for the D to work. I am trying to drink a lot of fluids but it is hard when you don’t feel well.

My cousin texted me. She apologized for not sending out a Christmas card this year. I was puzzled as I just got one from her yesterday. I told her and she was like she was “stunata”. I laughed. I haven’t heard that word in so long. That is the Italian word for stupid or dumb. She said we need to go for lunch after the holidays and I must keep on her to go. I said okay.

Aside from being in pain, I had a relatively good day. No one annoyed me which was good. I am so glad I blocked my aunt because she is on Facebook all the fucking time. I am just aggravated I didn’t do it sooner when she sent the request. Bitch talks about everything she reads on FB. One woman I am glad was not at my party. I wish I got a pic of my nieces and nephew. I love them so much. I always forget to take pictures. Probably because I hate the damn camera. I don’t mind reading Twitter but put a camera on me, forget it. Which is why my transition pics are getting farther and farther apart. I keep forgetting to take them. I lost track on how many days it has been. I have my T shot this week. I will try and post something for that day.

any thoughts?

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