Christmas Day 2018

Christmas Day 2018

I had a difficult morning/early afternoon. I didn’t sleep well as I was sick and kept waking up more than a few times during the night. My alarm went off for my meds and it took me at least 45 minutes to take them because I didn’t want to get up. I was just feeling horrible. My throat felt fine but I had no voice. I tried voicing something in my room but no sound came out. I canceled therapy for tomorrow. Talking to my hard of hearing mother was a joke. If one word came out she thought I was joking that I couldn’t talk and then called me a liar. I had to walk away from her, with my hands in my pockets so I wouldn’t give her the finger. Dinner was taking forever because our oven was not working right. She made a cake yesterday and it came out fine so therefore nothing was wrong with the oven. My niece tried to make the ham and the oven temp was half what it should be. She is impossible!!

I went downstairs to get away from her. I really wish I was well so I could have escaped to my friend’s house. I just thought it out. My friend was going to pick me up around 130 and I would just leave and then when they called looking for me, I’d say oh, yea, my friend invited me to dinner see ya! But this damn cold prevented that from happening. UGH!! All in all, it was a good day until my ankle bone exploded and then was hammered. I wanted a shot of whiskey so I hunted my room for a shot glass and in the process found a couple of things that I had misplaced. I put them where I would remember them and then went to my night stand to get a shot glass where I found one with dust bunnies. I cleaned the glass and had half a shot. Still smooth and sweet. I could finish it off but not sure that would be wise with pain meds.

A dear friend came over to give me a gift. Before he left, we had a half shot. I so wanted another and another. This is why I don’t drink because I can binge drink when I can, especially if I like something. I think beer is probably the only thing I cannot binge. I still feel crummy but maybe the whisky will help the vocals and I will have a voice tomorrow.

I had a TG experience tonight. I told my bro in law’s mother that my name is G. My mother was sitting next to her and told her that she refuses to call me that because for 40 years she called me my birthname and she is not going to start calling me G. She used female pronouns referring to me. I hate this woman so much. She does not give a damn about me. I am so tired of her not looking at me as her son. I said something about this the other day as I called from my second phone and she didn’t recognize the number. She asked who it was and I said your son. She was so confused. And now this. I don’t get why she is like this. You can say it is the generation bullshit but I was always under the assumption that a parent was to unconditionally love their child. There seems here there are conditions to her love and I don’t like it at all.

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