Psych and Neuro Abnormality

Psych and Neuro Abnormality

I saw my psychiatrist today. She was kind of miffed at the neurologist for suggesting that the trilafon is behind the music stuff playing in my head. She intends to email her and set her straight as she has never heard of such a thing. She said that I am a mystery to her. I laughed. She wanted me to read Oliver Sacks to get a better idea of things being weird in psychiatry/neurology. I told her I would look him up.

I was able to get my pain meds filled without a problem, thank god. If there was a problem, I was going to raise hell. I purposely stayed at the pharmacy to make sure there were any glitches. Then when I was walking home, my ankle said it wasn’t going to work anymore. I was going down an inclined part of the walkway and it just gave out on me. I was cursing myself for having walked that part of the street. It can be a trigger for my ankle giving out on me. Luckily, I had my trusty cane with me so it helped. I am really pissed because tomorrow I was going to meet up with some friends and now I can’t do that. My week is done.

Today was extremely humid so of course I am a sweaty mess. I have to wait till my pain meds kick in to take a shower. I was going to shave but seeing as I won’t be going out tomorrow, I might as well keep my whiskers. It will have to be a quick shower anyways as my ankle and foot will murder me if it’s a long one.

My mother had dinner for me when I came home. I ate it quickly, then went up to my room to cool off. Now I am craving pizza. I can’t decide if I want a whole or a half. I just want two slices but they won’t deliver just two. I wish I could just walk to the pizza place but I can’t. Guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to satisfy my pizza craving.

I told my psychiatrist about the book I am writing. She didn’t seem that enthusiastic about it. But she is happy that I am writing. I also told the NP about my writing adventures. She was a little enthused about it. I told her about my pain being horrendous and she didn’t have anything to say to me. She just gave me my script and off I went. I found out that my diagnosis is “other chronic pain”. It was on the prescription. That doesn’t help me. I guess I never will find out why my ankle likes being a fucking pain. Another abnormality.

One thought on “Psych and Neuro Abnormality

  1. its awful that your ankle gives you so much trouble. glad the two apts went well though. look out for an email from me I only have your Hotmail address I think. I just thought of that so can you email me? about the book? with some info about publishing on kindle? thanks xxx

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