Sunday Blog 22

Sunday Blog 22

I had a somewhat relaxing Sunday. My sister took my niece out and I just vegged while she was away. I then ordered Chinese food for us. It was a good dinner.

I was talking with my friend before dinner. I told her I accidentally skipped my medication all week and I was feeling on the brink of being psychotic/delusional again. I haven’t been on Twitter that much today. I didn’t feel like causing my thinking to become overwhelmed with its content. I had emailed my psychiatrist about it but have not received a response. I might page her tomorrow if I am not feeling a little better.

I wrote in my journal for most of the day. I should have brought down my Kindle so I could read something but I forgot and I don’t feel like climbing up to my room to get it. Writing has been helpful for me to get what I needed on paper.

The house has been cold for most of the day, with the heat turning on intermittingly. I don’t want to turn it up because then it will be too hot. I just been wearing long sleeves and thermal socks. My feet have been cold on and off. I hate when they are cold because when they warm up they hurt more than when they are cold. Then nerve pain creeps into my damaged foot and it’s on fire. Fucking sucks.

While my niece was gone, I was in my room to fill my pill box for the week. I made sure I put in my trilafon. Afterwards, I sat there playing with my phone and thinking about changing my sheets as my laptop was downstairs and that just left the lower corner of my bed to clear off plus the rest of my “office”. I am going to try tomorrow because I couldn’t muster up the motivation to do it today. I just kept looking at the “mess” and wondered where I was going to put the things on my bed so I could change the sheets. I quickly became overwhelmed with it and there went my motivation.

My pain has been minimal today and I am not sure why, though I am not complaining about it. I haven’t been up and down stairs too much today. The nice thing about my sister’s apartment is that the bathroom is on the same floor, unlike my place. I’ve only had to basically go up one flight of stairs today because I haven’t gone up to my room, which is two flights. I only did that to do my pills and that was it. I kind of like being on the first floor. But it’s only for the next two days and then I go back to my room. My sister will be home Tuesday night. I will put my niece to bed and then go up to my room.

The Pats won their game last night. I watched most of it from the comfort of my sister’s bed. It was wonderful. I missed the third quarter because I always under/over estimate how long half time is. I might watch the Steelers/KC game tonight as the winner of that game will be the opponent we have to face next week. The Steelers have been a red hot team this year. It most likely will be them we will face.

I had a cup of coffee a couple of hours ago. It was much stronger than this morning’s cup. I couldn’t drink it all because if I did, I knew I would be up all night. Now I am getting sleepy again. I took my meds so that maybe why. I hope I don’t wake up before 6 tomorrow. I really don’t want another early morning of pain. But if my ankle/foot is just going to hurt me then and not the rest of the day, then fine, let it be that way.

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