early rising and it’s snowing!

Early rising and it’s snowing!

I woke up early from a weird dream. I was looking for something and trying my best to find it except I realized I was wasting my time because the thing I was looking for was in New York City. I felt defeated. I woke up and had to pee. My nephew kind of scared me because he was on the couch. I forgot he spent the night. I hope he slept well.

When I left my room to go downstairs, I noticed it was snowing. Wonderful, another day in the house. I don’t mind because I have to go out tomorrow so this gives me a day of rest as my ankle is being such a brat right now. I haven’t done anything for the past two hours except read Twitter and become disgusted with the state of Congress and the people that are supposed to uphold the law of the land, the US Constitution. It sickens me that they, for reasons not known yet, are not investigating the whole Russian influence. If it was the other party, you bet your ass there would be inquiries left and right. Just makes me sad and fearful. And then to learn there is a spy ship off the coast of New England (where I am) is more scary. Why the Navy hasn’t done anything, is a mystery.

I am in serious pain. I didn’t want to but I had to take a strong pain pill to ease it. I also took a Neurontin to help ease the burning pain that I feel. I think I am going to be sleeping most of the day. I am going to try and stay up till at least 1000 in case the therapist returns my call. I hope she does because this waiting is killing me. And I think it is rude for a professional not to return a phone call.

Well, I don’t think I am going to last staying up much longer. Meds have made me sleepy and I need to lie down. More of how my day goes later.


any thoughts?

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