bad pain flare up

Bad pain flare up

I saw my psychiatrist. The appointment went well. She agreed to an increase in the Zoloft. Then we talked about therapy and the water works started. I couldn’t hold back my tears of frustration with the waiting and the ending. I miss having someone to talk to about things. She was supportive of me but these things take time and frankly, I have grown impatient. She wanted to see me in a week and I agreed. I did tell her my suicidal urges were around early that morning. She tried piecing together what set me off and we didn’t really get anywhere.

I came home and was tired. I took a pain pill and my trilafon. I wanted a nap but didn’t want to mess up my sleep. An hour later, I said fuck it and lied down. My foot had become cold so I put on my thermal socks and lied down once again. Then all hell broke loose. My foot became a seizing machine and the pain was intolerable. I started crying because I hurt so damn bad. I lost it. Tears were coming and I couldn’t stop them. I was a sobbing idiot. Then I thought of ending my life from the thoughts of the morning and I cried harder. I couldn’t reach the pills because I couldn’t even turn over to take meds to stop the cramping and the pain. Any movement at all caused me great pain. I eventually sat up and took my meds. In between tears, I sent a letter to my psychiatrist, one telling her to send tissues and the other saying my suicidality was up and I would be in touch before passing out.

My mother called me while I was having my crying fit but she didn’t hear me when I told her I was crying. She wanted some socks in her drawer. I told her my ankle went out on me and that it wasn’t happening. In the midst of all this, I got a migraine and a headache after the migraine went away. Just wonderful. I know it’s from crying so damn much and not eating.

Things calmed down so of course my bladder said it had to go. I went and figured while I was downstairs, I’d make myself something to eat. I thought that might help the headache as I didn’t have anything to eat since this morning while at Starbucks. The pain came back when I went back to my room, but it wasn’t as bad. My feet were hot so I took the socks off. My left one became cold again within 15 minutes so I just put a regular sock on that is loose.

I am exhausted and was going to pass out but I called my psych before I did. She didn’t read the emails so I explained what was going on. She was glad I called her. She wants me to keep her posted.

I’ve had flare ups of severe pain before but nothing like today. I think the spasms made the pain worse and I just couldn’t handle it. The tears were flowing because I just felt so helpless. I couldn’t move a muscle without pain, even if it was a different body part. It was awful. I really wanted to die and if I could reach any bottle of pills, I would have tried. But thankfully, all the “good” stuff is three feet away from me. I just have a handful of pills, total, by my bedside which probably wouldn’t do much but knock me out for a couple of hours.

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G. Collerone

suicide attempt survivor writing about the hopelessness that accompanies depression that no one likes to talk about. also writing about my daily struggle with chronic pain and how it affects my suicidality

One thought on “bad pain flare up”

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t reach them and try to end it, but I am not glad to read you were in so much pain! It fucking sucks! Glad you had a good psych apt too though. xxx

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