trying something different

Trying something different

I woke up in pain again around 0630. I took some pain meds and so far, I don’t seem to be needing anymore for the time being. I went back to sleep a few hours later. When I got up, I decided I was going to try the liquid protein diet again. So I had a drink and then made coffee. The coffee came out a little weak because I put too much water. I hate when I do that. I am going to try and stick with this diet. If I can make it all week on it, I will try it next week or until I run out of protein drinks. I have gained four pounds so I am hoping to lose that and a little more. It is hard to lose but I hope I can stay on this course. It’s my second attempt at this as the first time didn’t work out as well.

Allergies are really bad today. I am congested and sneezing a lot. I am going to try and work on my paper. I am going to try and read it and see what information I can pull from it. The one piece of information I was waiting on from the author of the paper wrote back to me so I will include that in my analysis.

It’s another nice day. I opened the back door. My mother needs to have the screen doors repaired as they are getting more patched up than screened. Every time it rains, the patches blow away as they are just stuck on with tape-like thing.

I got my favorite country radio station playing on my Kindle. I really want to go back to sleep but I am going to try and avoid it. I need to write like a bullet point for this blog and then write up some things that I want to work on with my therapist. I was thinking of them last night as I was drifting off to sleep. There are about three or four things I really want to work on. I am kind of scared because I am not used to asking what I want from therapy. I just expect the therapist to know after I talk for a little bit. But the last few sessions haven’t left me feeling like anything is happening other than me rattling off my history and how bad my childhood was.

My new Depends underwear came in so I will start wearing them tomorrow. I got a couple samples in the package with a coupon. I’ll take a shower tonight. I just hope they fit me. I have a huge package so if they don’t fit, I am screwed. I hate that it has come to this. I have stopped one of my medications. I am not taking it this week and see how my bladder does.

any thoughts?

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