Random 180

Random 180

Once I fell asleep around 0500, I didn’t get up till around 1400. It was a good sleep. I made coffee. My mother had left some bacon out and I had that. Then I made a couple of hot dogs after the coffee. I wanted more coffee but didn’t feel like making another cup. My ankle was smarting as I was making stuff in the kitchen. I decided to make my dessert so I took out the needed ingredients. Hopefully the cream cheese and butter will be softened by 1800 or so. It’s really warm in the kitchen so I think it will be. I will make the lemon pudding soon. I should take out the ground beef so I can make my dirty gravy tomorrow. Maybe I will when I go in the kitchen next.

Other than making the dessert, I have no other plans today. My sisters have gone to the beach. Apparently the one that lives around the corner from me came over this morning. I was sound asleep so didn’t see her. She left me a pen from Sicily. I can’t wait to see her. I missed her a lot.

The All Star Game is next week. I have been voting for my favorite shortstop, again because he didn’t make the rounds. I voted for him last year and he didn’t make it. I hope this year he will. My Sox will be off, again, for four days. I am going to go nuts, lol. I love baseball so much. I wish I could watch it more but I can’t sit for that length of time. I love listening to the game more or following it on Twitter or both. I had sent my BFF in Canada Red Sox hats for her son and grandsons. They loved them. They didn’t want to take the hats off. So cute. I feel really happy that they love them. Makes me feel good.

A dear friend sent me an audible book. I never heard a book before so I am not sure what to expect. I plan on listening to it some time tonight. He said it might help me sleep, lol. Maybe it will relax me after the ball game. The game is in Texas and will start at 2000. I have been spoiled with day games the last few days.

I think I am going to fill my pill box for the week. I don’t think I will be going to the hospital as I am feeling better and the voices have quieted down. I’m not feeling like I should be babysat or in a safe environment. I know that if I go in with psychosis, chances are they will put me on a different medication than the trilafon. I really don’t want to change meds. The 2nd generation of antipsychotics have a lot of side effects that I don’t like and may put me at greater risk of diabetes because I have a history of diabetes in my family. I have enough medical issues and don’t need any more. Long as my suicidality stays in check, I should be okay.

I have no therapy this week because my therapist is on vacation. I do see my psychiatrist this week. I am kind of weary about it because the day before her appointment, I will be going out with friends. I hope there isn’t much pain that night or I will be screwed. Having a chronic pain condition just sucks because you never know when you are going to flare. It is so frustrating.

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