slept awkward

Slept awkward

I had woken up to take some more pain meds and moved my pillow but instead of taking my meds, I fell back to sleep. My neck was in an awkward position and it was hurting. Now I am up because I can’t go back to sleep and my ankle/foot is being an asshole.

It’s 0300. I took some Ativan to try and get the kink out of my neck and to go back to sleep. It’s still hot and humid in the house, but freezing in my room because of the AC. I love it. Because I am up now, I don’t think I will be leaving the house to go to the ER for an admission in three hours. I’d have to go early in the morning so I can be seen and the process begins. Last time I went though, I was still there for about 14 hours in the ER. I am feeling slightly better than I was on Friday night, but the pain is driving me nuts and I seriously thought about killing myself again. I just waited it out because there was nothing I could do. I was maxed out on my pain meds so I couldn’t take more, except the strong pain pill. I didn’t want to unless the pain didn’t go away. It did settle down after a few minutes. Sometimes it is in these bursts for some reason. It’s awful because you’re screaming in pain. And you just want to seriously die on the spot because it is so awful.

I’m going to try and change my sheets today. I wanted to do that yesterday but I got lazy. I did a lot of stairs on Saturday while going to the wake and my calf was tight. I didn’t want to aggravate it with wrestling with the sheets. I just hope I don’t sleep all day.

My sisters and nieces came home safely. I saw one sister, the one that lives on the first floor. It was so good to see my nieces. I didn’t want to let them go while hugging them. I missed them so much. The pictures were beautiful. My sis brought back some cheeses and olives. She also had a ton of little gifts. I got a dish with a wine stopper, a key chain, and a piece of lava rock from Mt. Etna. That was really cool. I am glad they had fun and saw all my cousins over there, or most of them anyway. My parents home town was very barren as there are no jobs there so my cousins are in the cities outside of there. It still is a very beautiful place. My sisters and nieces saw my father’s last surviving brother. He probably won’t survive the year because he is not eating. He lost a lot of weight since I last saw him. He has dementia. One minute he knew who my sister was and the next he didn’t. It is hard. He is close to 90. There are strong genes on both sides of the family.

Going to try and go back to sleep. Hope I am successful.

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