PCP, More Pain, and other things

PCP more pain and other things

I had about 2 hours sleep last night. I woke up to see my PCP. The bus was running late. I got to the Square around 0700, which left me an hour for the appt. I had reloaded my Starbuck card with the cash I was saving for take out. I need my espresso more than pizza. One the way to the Square, I ordered my drink and a donut. I didn’t feel like eating a breakfast sandwich as I wasn’t that hungry. I got 6 shots of espresso to keep me awake. I was really drowsy.

The doc was late. Guess his kids didn’t want to go to school. I don’t blame them. We talked and I told him why I was there. He then examined my ankle. It didn’t hurt too bad as it was still in the early part of the morning. He was reluctant to send me to OT, occupational therapy, but did refer me to physical therapy. I am not sure if I am going to go that route or not. The last time I tried it, it hurt me more than helped me. He gave me the PT prescription and I left.

I was too tired by that point to form sentences. I just wanted to get home and sleep. My mother was home and it took me a while to lay down. When I did, holy moly, my ankle and foot hurt worse than it ever did. I was seeing stars. I was clenching my jaw so much, my teeth were hurting. I emailed my psych about this. Then I emailed my PCP the same message. Some how I managed about 2 hours of sleep. It was tough because I basically couldn’t touch my ankle and neither could the sheet. It got really cold despite it being warm in my room so I put on a thermal sock. I tried sleeping on my back with my head reclined but that was a no go. I had to sleep on my side. After taking both pain meds and an Ativan, I was starting to settle down. I kept on imagining other things to distract myself while the meds went to work. It was hard because I got so panicky. I knew my mother was going to call me so I blocked her. I then fell asleep.

While I slept, she called twice. She made some pasta so I had some. I really wanted my Salisbury steak dinner so I made that. It was the only things I had all day. I drank two big glasses of iced tea. I’ll probably have to keep going to the bathroom now.

That’s all I have for today. Think I am going to try and sleep some more.

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