Is it pain or depression making you tired?

Is it pain or depression making you tired?

Past two days, I have been sleeping a lot. Yesterday was hard after my PCP’s appt because I was in so much pain, I couldn’t sleep. But after the pain settled down, I was able to sleep, least until 0530 when pain woke me up again. I stayed up till 0700 so I could shut off the medication alarms that would go off in a few hours. Since that time, I have been sleeping on and off most of the day. I feel so lifeless. I don’t have motivation to do anything. One of my cousin’s invited my sisters and I to her house Friday night. I don’t think we are going to go. I just feel so shitty and I’m sure my sisters would be able to come up with some excuse. It would be nice to see them again, though. I just don’t have a car to see them even if I wanted to. She is not on a bus line.

My suicidality is also up. The intense pain that I was feeling this morning really triggered me. I am counting up the days. I don’t care. I should pick a date and then go through with it but I don’t want to do that. I really don’t want to exist.

I wanted a hug from my sister last night so asked her to come up as I wasn’t able to go down. She had an asthma attack soon as she entered my room. I felt really bad. I am going to get an air purifier. I need to vacuum my rug. That is the hard part. I don’t have the energy or the stamina to do it. I’ve been meaning to do it for weeks now. There is no way it is happening today. I don’t have enough energy for anything. I feel like a lump on a log. I was able to brush my teeth today. Yesterday, I didn’t at all. I just couldn’t bring myself to.

I sent multiple emails to my psych yesterday and I think this morning. I have not had any replies. Probably too busy. I told her I got my lab orders in the computer so I just need to fast to get my blood drawn. I’ll probably get it done next week when I see her next. I almost felt like paging her last night as I felt so shitty and overwhelmed with pain. I don’t know how I am going to deal with this if my foot doesn’t get better. It’s been gnawing me all day.

My mother made supper, pasta with oil and garlic. My stomach is probably going to be in knots as garlic has been bothering my stomach lately. I like the flavor ok but not the cloves. Afterwards, my ankle and foot started bothering me and it was really hot in the kitchen so I left for my room. It’s really warm today so I have the AC on. Hopefully when the temps drop, I won’t freeze my butt off.

2 thoughts on “Is it pain or depression making you tired?

  1. It is rough having a mental illness and dealing with chronic pain. It is just exhausting. I’m so sick of it. I can’t so anything because I am so tired. Just sucks so I think of dying. It comforts me.

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  2. hugs hun I am so sorry the suicidality is up and the pain is so bad. I wish it wasn’t. I slept a lot too today. I only went to my two apts and then came home and have been mostly sleeping for the rest of the day. xx


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