Disability Sucks

Disability sucks

I somehow slept all morning. I didn’t wake up till around 10 or so. I wasn’t hurting too bad when I went to the bathroom. I had to use my sister’s because my mother was using ours and I had to pee really bad. My back was aching because it was 52 degrees. But I knew I had to keep moving or it would just stiffen up. I decided to head to the square to get a haircut. My mother wanted me to pick up some eggs. I caught the next bus.

My regular barber wasn’t in yet so I had his associate cut my hair. He did a really good job. I love it. I then I went to Starbucks for something to eat and a mocha. I wanted a snickers latte today. I got it hot rather than iced. I took out my journal after I ate but I didn’t write. I wanted to go home so I went to the grocery store for the eggs. I also decided to get a rotisserie chicken for dinner so my mother wouldn’t have to cook. I forgot to get stuffing so stopped in Walgreens to grab some and get my prescriptions that were finally ready.

I got home and put things away. My ankle was hurting but I couldn’t take my regular pain meds as it was too early. I took a strong pain med instead. I rested before I went back to the kitchen to peel potatoes as I wanted mashed potatoes with dinner. I really like making mashed potatoes. Around 1500, I went downstairs and wasn’t in too much pain. That all changed as I went to throw something in the bag for recycle when my ankle acted up. I could no longer bear weight on my foot. Fuck. I decided to wear the boot that I had to immobilize my ankle. It took me a while to put it on as it has been a while since I last used it. I was barefoot as I was wearing slippers. It was okay at first and then the padding was irritating the top of my foot. I was able to continue cooking. I made the mashed potatoes and stuffing. My mother had come into the kitchen so I asked her if she wanted to eat now. She said okay as everything was done.

I couldn’t believe the difference in walking around in the boot! I wasn’t hurting as much. My PT emailed me back a long message. She said it was okay to wear the boot but not to bed. She didn’t want me to wear anything while I slept. That kind of stinks because when I try to sleep, I have more pain. She gave me imagery stuff to do when I am in so much pain. She said that if the pain increased or got worse to see my doc.

I really miss cooking. I want to make a marinara sauce and a cake this weekend. Maybe now with the boot, I will be able to. I want to take a shower to get the excess hair off my head. I am really tired though. I don’t know if I have enough energy for it. Maybe after I take my night meds. Taking my night meds always seems to wake me up. I just hope it doesn’t make me bloated like it did last night. I swear sometimes it like I take another meal my stomach feels so full afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Disability Sucks

  1. Yes, but it is not on their menu. It is 2 pumps mocha, 2 pumps caramel, and 2 pumps either hazelnut or toffee nut. You van get more pumps of the syrup but it will get really sweet. I don’t like the gingerbread latte. I’ll have the psl occasionally. I got a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe I want to try. But I don’t think I will be around.


  2. you were busy! are the snickers latte’s nice? I might try one in starbux the next time! pumkin spice latte’s are lovely too. they’ll be bringing out their ginger bread latte’s soon for xmas.


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