sleep study, pain, and more pain

Sleep study, pain, and more pain

Last night I had the sleep study. It was a test my PCP ordered to rule out sleep apnea before prescribing me a longer acting pain med. I slept okay though I woke up a few times because I had to sleep on my back the whole time. My back didn’t like this. Around 0230 or so, I had to take some pain meds. Then around 5, I got pissed I was still in pain so I sat up. The tech that was working with me said I could sleep on my side. OK. I fell asleep and then she woke me up while I was in REM. I had about a half hour left for the study before she disconnected me. When she came in, I asked her when results would be available. She said 2-3 weeks! WHAT???!!!! Guess it will be another month of being in pain before I see a longer acting med. Fuck!

Starbucks was across the street so I went over for breakfast and an espresso. After I ate, I walked to the station to get home. I wasn’t in too much pain. I got home okay. I took a shower to wash off the stuff they put in my hair to hold the electrodes. I felt better afterwards.I then played around on my laptop while my phone charged. Around 9ish I was getting sleepy so decided to take a nap. All I did was lie down for a few lousy minutes when my ankle bone went nuts. Totally got severe pain. I popped my strong pain med once I was able to sit up. Even then the pain was not letting up. I still had a couple hours before I was to leave for PT. I emailed my PT on what to do. I waited an hour and a half for a response. When the pain got worse while I called my stupid neuro, I cancelled the appt. I couldn’t bear weight and the thought of waiting for the bus didn’t appeal to me.

The neuro had emailed me on Monday night to tell me his office staff was to fax over the new med he wants me on. Nothing was at the pharmacy all day yesterday or today so I called the office. He never printed out the stupid prescription. The secretary said she would print it out and leave it on his desk to sign tomorrow, when he is in. Fucking great. Bastard. I really don’t know why there is such an issue with this medication. I will find out when I go to the pharmacy to pick it up, probably on Friday. Maybe I should take this as a sign that I shouldn’t be on this medication.

My PT got back to me and she would like me to see her tomorrow. She doesn’t want to wait a week. I will give the office a call in the morning, provided I fricken sleep. She doesn’t have any openings on Friday. She said she doesn’t want me to come in if I can’t walk and also would like me to see if I can find an alternative transportation to come to the appts. There is a service that public transportation provides called The Ride. I just don’t know if I can afford it as Some months I don’t have extra cash. I need to find out how it works as I am not sure how it is paid. My sister was going to set it up for my mother so got some information on it. I guess it’s like $4-$6 per trip, but I don’t know if that is round trip or one way. I honestly don’t like to be in cars where strangers drive. Only exception is a taxi and I can’t afford that going intercity. It would be way too expensive. I don’t trust Uber as I keep hearing bad things about them. I also don’t like being stuck in traffic with a stranger. A bus is different as I can just listen to my music and not interact at all. I don’t know. There is no harm looking into it so I will go on the website later and see what I can find out.

My ankle is still hurting me like crazy. I am getting around okay, better than I was this morning when I was home. I used the walking boot for most of the day whenever I had to go downstairs. But unfortunately, a stupid delivery guy rang our bell so I had to go downstairs as my mother couldn’t. It wasn’t even for us, but for my niece. I was pissed. I got the mail though. Then I had to explain three times who was at the door. OMG my mother is deaf. She just either doesn’t hear you or just cannot understand what you are saying unless you spell it out. Drives me fucking crazy.

My brother in law tried to shut off my radiator yesterday before I left for the sleep study. Unfortunately it is still fricken on. I had turned the heat up as my mother was cold. I got back to my room and it was an oven, even with the damn window open. And I swear, if ONE more person tells me to open the window, I am going to jump out it to prove it is open! It has been open the last few weeks and it hasn’t done a bit of difference.

any thoughts?

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