Sunday blog 28 Jan 18

I didn’t have s good day. I had a hard time sleeping because of pain. Woke up every few hours to take more meds for relief. When I woke up during the morning hours, my back was hurting. It had started last night before I laid down. I had sneezed earlier in the day. I think I pulled a muscle. I wanted to use a tennis ball some time today to massage it out but never did. I feel so useless. I had bouts of anger today at my condition.

I don’t want to continue with physical therapy. I keep going back and forth. I just want to call tomorrow and cancel my remaining appts. Only thing is, I just ordered a mirror from Amazon last night. Couldn’t sleep so I was browsing. Found one that I think might work. I don’t know if it will help me. A couple of people in my CRPS group are doing it but they aren’t sure about it either. I think I just want to be better now and it is not going to happen. It is going to take time like dealing with the depression. You don’t want to wait for the meds to work in 6 to 8 weeks, you want relief now. It is very hard.

I had a somewhat good time when I went over my cousin’s last night. I ate more than I should have. Oh well. He really doesn’t understand chronic physical illness. He said that he knew someone that was like me, that canceled on short noticed. He said he “understands” but he didn’t. I brought it up to him that it is hard to be social when you are in pain. I had a better time talking to his walls. Jerk. The whole time he talked about his anxiety and money issues. His phone kept ringing and he would answer to say he has company. He smoked 4 cigarettes while I was there. I had to shower when I came home.

I wanted to bake today but it never happened. I have to use the zucchini soon or it will go bad. Maybe Tuesday I’ll make it. Depends on how I feel. I have back to back appts tomorrow so will be out most of the afternoon. I don’t know what kind of stress that will cause. Just hope I can sleep at a reasonable hour tomorrow. I’m going to read a chapter of my baseball history book. I wanted to read at least two so will settle for one. I haven’t touched the book in a week. Seems I only read on weekends. Least I am reading something other than social media.

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