love don’t live here

Love don’t live here

I was talking with a friend today via Messenger and she encouraged me to listen to Lady A as they are good! HA, they are more than good, they are awesome! They are my favorite group next to Rascal Flatts. There are others but I have bought more music from those guys than the others. This song was just playing random and it’s from their early albums.

I got word today that my aunt who had Alzheimer’s passed away. She would have been 90 tomorrow. She was a very sweet person, always having a smile on her face. She was very pretty. I am going to miss her.

I was hurting on and off today so I didn’t do much. I somehow managed a shower, which caused me a lot of pain afterwards. I never called the LGBT doc’s office or Dell to find out what the hell I have. Their manual for my laptop doesn’t match so I would like to know what is what. I am so regretting buying this thing. I should have just put the money toward repairs of my other laptop, which now I have to repair as I can’t stand this one! I don’t know how much it is going to cost me. I just hope it doesn’t cost more than $300.

Last night my friend posted that Starbucks has a new cherry mocha out. I went there yesterday but didn’t notice that they had a new drink. I plan on going tomorrow for a couple of hours to try and write. I had another “flashback”, for lack of a better word. I was trying to think of why the main character of the story was stuck in a fantasy world rather than the 24th century. I haven’t come up with an answer but am working on it. I am keeping a working outline of it on my phone. Helps to keep track of things.

I have felt so tired today. I tried having a cup of coffee but after the first sip, it just tasted bad. I made it on the Keurig as I didn’t feel like making it with my French press. I should have made a cup of tea. I wanted to read but it hasn’t happened, yet. I keep reading social media on my phone. Even with my laptop open, I am reading it. I started this blog an hour or so ago and I am still writing it. My concentration has been shit lately, only been able to catch small things. Anything longer and I lose interest. I don’t watch video longer than 2 or 3 minutes. A friend of mine from the UK sent me a giraffe GIF. It was so cute. The little giraffe was sticking its tongue out. I loved it. Going to take my night meds and call it a fucking day. I need to hit my pillow.

any thoughts?

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