daily rambling about nothing

Daily rambling about nothing

I had a shitty sleep as I was in pain most of the night. The pain kept changing, again. I think I fell asleep around 2 only to wake up around 330. I knew my check had been deposited so I ordered my groceries and paid a couple of bills. Then went back to sleep but it wasn’t restful. I got up around 11 and made a cup of tea. My sister had texted me to see if I would be ready by 1 as her doc called to see if she could come in early. I said sure. I wasn’t that hungry so just had a protein bar with my tea.

My sister came and we drove to Boston at a place I was all too familiar. I wasn’t sure how to get to the building my sister needed to be at because I’ve never driven there, only taken shuttle and walked there. We found it okay and she parked in the garage. The doc was nice and explained things clearly. Like I suspected, she told my sister to try PT to help alleviate her symptoms. My sister and I stopped at the Starbucks before leaving as I needed my espresso. There was a line so while I ordered and waited for the drinks, my sister got the car. On the ride home, I was thankful not to be driving as people were cutting my sister off and not staying in the lanes. I don’t miss driving!

Came home and glad I did as my mother, who had a doc appt and then did grocery shopping, was having a low blood sugar episode. I gave some juice right away. I was hungry so made a sandwich while she had the juice and rested. She was being stubborn about not wanting to eat something because it wasn’t 4 PM yet. No idea why this is the time she has to eat but whatever. My sister came up to drop off the mail and both she and I put the groceries away so my mother didn’t have to. I was trying to kill time but I was getting antsy. It was too early to leave for my therapist’s appt. I was kind of feeling off by then but just attributed it to being tired from not sleeping well.

I left the house around 1730 and then felt really nauseous. I didn’t have any Zofran on me. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the post nasal drip or a migraine coming on. I stopped at Walgreens before going to my therapist’s office for a bottle of Gatorade. Apparently they were 2 for $4 as the cashier was explaining to me. I told her I didn’t want two. She then rang me up. I hate when cashiers do that. If I wanted two, I would have grabbed it. The nausea got worse as I walked to the office building. I had to stop several times to prevent hurling. I really was not feeling great. After therapy, my head exploded. So now I was sick with a migraine. I just wanted to go home and hoped I did so without throwing up.

Every light hurt my eyes. I didn’t have my sunglasses as I forgot them at home. Now I am always going to make sure I carry my migraine pills and Zofran with me. I hope I sleep tonight. My pain isn’t bad. My head hurts more than my ankle/foot at the moment. I have no idea if that will change. It’s always a toss up. Looks like the sub I made when I came home earlier is going to be the only thing I have to eat today. I’m still nauseous so food isn’t that appealing. Maybe when the migraine clears I can eat something. I hope I fall asleep first, though. I am so damn tired.

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