utter nonsense

Utter nonsense

I woke up around 0830 or so. I wasn’t feeling so great as the migraines were so bad last night I had a very difficult time getting comfortable. Then I got hit with anxiety because I didn’t know if my ankle/foot were going to be acting up too. When I opened the door to my bedroom, the brightness of daylight hurt my eyes. I went to the bathroom and then brushed my teeth. I came back to my room and was hit with another migraine. I wasn’t nauseous like I was last night but damn my head felt like it was going to explode. I took my pill and tried to go to sleep. I also took some Excedrin. Eventually I fell back to sleep. I woke up again around 1130 with the noise of the Price is Right. All sounds seem to be way louder for some reason when your head hurts. The pain was gone but I felt this pressure around my head. I still felt unwell. I got a text from Walgreens saying my script was ready. I decided to take a shower and then go pick it up.

I went downstairs and my mother was having lunch. I took a bite of her sandwich and then made one of my own. She had made this tomato and pickle salad stuff for the sandwich and gave me some for my sandwich. It was good. Then I hopped in the shower. I couldn’t get the water hot enough for me. My ankle and foot were feeling pressure but not pain. The barometric pressure this morning was 30.54. Higher than it has been the past week, hence the migraine activity. I felt human after the shower but my back was hurting me from standing. I had to sit for a bit before I got dressed for the store. I was still having a hard time reading on my phone. My eyes just hurt so bad from the pressure in my head.

I got dressed and then left. I walked to Walgreens and picked up some more lidocaine and some Mylanta. My total, which included my meds, was close to $60. UGH. I can’t wait till my payments are down to 0 in a few months. I came home and I was sweating. It was really warm in the store. I didn’t wear a heavy sweatshirt. It was cold but walking briskly just makes me sweat. I had to change T-shirts when I came home. I rested for a bit and couldn’t decide if I wanted to nap or make a cup of tea. I wanted something sweet so decided to have a protein bar and a cup of tea. My ankle was kind of bothering me, not really painful, but a lot of pressure like someone was squeezing it.

While I was waiting for the water to boil, I decided to watch the ball game. It was the last Spring Training game. In two days, will be Opening Day and I cannot wait. Soon as I watched, my boys scored two runs! Yea! I watched it while I waited for my niece to come home from school. Turns out my niece wasn’t coming home right away as she was doing something at the school. I watched the end of the game and then made dinner as my mother didn’t feel like it. By the time I was done, my ankle was bothering me with a little pain.

I came back up to my room and I am staying here for the rest of the night. I might make another cup of tea. I’ve really been liking Orange Spice. It isn’t caffeinated so I can drink as much as I like. I had to buy another box as I was getting low. I looked at my lab results from Friday and found that my sodium (salt) was low. I wonder if that is why I have been feeling like crap. It was only down by 2 points. I don’t know if that is significant or not. I’ll have to email my psychiatrist because my bipolar med, Trileptal, can cause low sodium levels. I usually have a high salt diet so it’s never been a problem before. I’m starting to feel crappy again so I think I am going to take my meds early and go to sleep. My grocery order should be delivered between 11 and 1 so I need to be up and ready by then. And I want to make oatmeal pancakes because I have been craving them!

any thoughts?

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