slow moving saturday

Slow moving Saturday

Last night, I said to myself, I will take my night meds after I publish my blog. I have been doing it the last few nights as I have been writing my blog around med time. But for some reason, it completely slipped my mind. And hour and a half later, I realize I hadn’t taken my meds yet because I was feeling icky. I knew I was going to be up late because of it. Around midnight, a friend was having a hard time and needed someone to talk to so she called me. We talked for 2 hours. Just as I was ready to drift off, my ankle bone flares up. I didn’t go to sleep for another hour as I was trying to get comfortable.

My med alarm went off and I shut it off but didn’t take my med. Then my alarm went off as my groceries were going to be delivered and I wanted to have breakfast before it came. I took my meds but stayed in bed. I didn’t really sleep, I was just so exhausted. I checked the time the groceries were going to be delivered and it was quarter past ten. I must have dozed off but heard my text message and it was 1015. Crap. I went downstairs. I put the phone in my pocket and then when I got to the second flight, I adjust my pants as they were falling down. My phone promptly fell out of my pocket and down the entire flight of stairs. It alarmed my mother and I said my phone fell. Thankfully the Otterbox saved my phone as I am sure it would have been shattered otherwise.

I went outside. It was still hot and humid but a little cooler than yesterday, but not by much. I waited for the delivery and then when he came, showed him where to drop off the stuff. I put the stuff away as he dropped the bags until he was done. Took him three trips. I didn’t realize I ordered so much powerade and Gatorade. I also ordered a bunch of other stuff. Fricken painsomnia shopping. I put things away and was sweating my ass off as the house was warmer than outside. After everything was put away, I took a shower. I didn’t get dressed because of the humidity. I just wrapped a towel around me and went to cool off in my room. Then once I was cool, I dressed. I didn’t put on long PJs, just shorts.

I then had something to eat. I thought about having coffee but I really didn’t feel like making it. I made a fried egg and toast. I also had a donut. I had bought some Starbucks coffee drinks so I had one with the donut. Something upset my stomach. I think I used too much black pepper on my egg. I think I got to cut down on using it. I love black pepper but apparently, my stomach doesn’t. I went back up to my room and took my meds. I have been taking one of my bipolar pills and allegra. It seems to be cutting down on the dizziness I feel around 1800. Trouble is it makes me sleepy. I put on Phil Collins. He just came out with a new album and it brought back a lot of memories. At least two songs, which I haven’t heard in years, made me cry with happiness. I needed a nap and so laid down. Of course, my mother called me just as I was dozing off. I didn’t answer the phone. I slept a few hours. Rain was beating on the AC and it woke me up. I just stay in bed for another hour. When I finally decided to get up, I called my mother to find out what she wanted. It was something stupid so I was glad I didn’t answer the phone. My stomachache had gotten worse so I took some Mylanta. I was hungry but didn’t know if I should make the steak or not. I had it marinating for at least 5 hours. It was so hot in the house because my mother had closed the kitchen door due to the rain.

I am debating listening to the game tonight. They lost last night. Sale was sucky. And then the bullpen really made it so the Sox couldn’t catch up in the bottom of the 8th inning. UGH. They are twenty games over 500 and even though the Snakes are half a game behind, they look like they are in 1st because of their percentage. UGH. Not happy about this. Hate it!!

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