Sunday sauce (gravy) making

Sunday sauce (gravy) making

I forgot I ordered meatballs with my grocery order. I haven’t had pasta and meatballs in a long time. My mother has not made a gravy since she doesn’t have meat. Or she might have it but needs hamburger to make meatballs. Anyway, I decided to make gravy today. I am wiped out. The humidity finally went down by 30 points so it’s back to being cool. I feel cold and might put on a long sleeve shirt soon.

Feet were cold in the kitchen so I put a compression sock on my bad foot and a regular sock on my regular one. My ankle is still painfully swollen. Being on my feet cooking didn’t help. I watched the Golden Girls while the gravy cooked. It cooked pretty fast, within two hours. I wanted to rest a bit before I made the pasta.

My mother went over my cousin’s house so I will just be having dinner by myself. I’ll probably make the pasta in an hour or so. I thought of having spaghetti but now I am thinking of rigatoni so I will flip for it when I go downstairs. I had a few meatballs, just to make sure they were good, LOL. I love meatballs. It is my favorite in a gravy. I am glad I have rolls as I can make a sub.

My cheap massagers came. I need to go downstairs to get them. Of course they came within minutes of me sitting in my room. Never fails. I hope they work out the knots in my legs. I need to use the tennis ball for my back. Last night my back was hurting me so bad from the spine going out toward my hip. The muscles were so sore. I know it is because of the stupid temp changes. Going from 80 to 57 is painful when you got arthritis and chronic pain.

Sox won last night. They came back in superb fashion, with dingers!! I am glad. I found out how the percentage is calculated. Because the stupid snakes have played less games than the Sox, that is why their percentage is higher than ours, making them look like they are in first but they are really a game and half behind, which makes no sense as they have played five less games than them. Irritating!! They should be 5.5 games behind but I don’t make the rules. Final game with Houston is tonight. I am glad they are playing at 7. They are off tomorrow and then will be back in Boston to play the Tigers.

I ended up canceling therapy tomorrow. I don’t know if I will be able to continue to go weekly. Lately, it has been every other week. It sucks but there is nothing I can do about it as my flares have been awful lately. Maybe when my pain med changes I can do more things. I talked with a friend who is on the med and he said expect to be sick the first 2-3 days. Lovely. He has been on the same dose for 15 years and it works for him. I just hope I don’t have any problems filling it.

any thoughts?

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