Saturday blog 30-June-18

Saturday blog 30 June 18

I woke up at night after a shitty night. Pain kept me up till around 0300 or after. I had taken some Benadryl and that seemed to work. I had looked up cornbread pancakes which I had planned to make, except I fell back to sleep and didn’t get up till around 1730. I also sent a message to my Senator. What I wrote, I have no clue or if it made sense as it was late and the Benadryl was kicking in. I didn’t give my number as I didn’t want to get calls. I will probably get emails though. Fricken ass is in Congress another four years I think. I don’t think I voted for him. I just want him out because he is going after opioid manufacturers to decrease supply. That will put stress on chronic pain patients and hospitals, who already don’t have pain meds to give after surgery and things. It is a real mess thanks to the lies of the CDC.

My brother in law had called to tell me there were burgers and I had some and potato salad. I ate a lot for my first meal of the day. Sox are playing and are winning so far 6-0. I got a migraine at the start of the game so I didn’t feel like listening to it. Migraine is gone and I will be going to bed soon. I am just so tired. I hate being up all night because I feel like shit later in the day. My mother made pork fried rice but I don’t like it. It tends to be salty.

I read some of Harry Potter. I should be reading some new book instead of old but Harry is fun reading. I am almost done with the book. I might go back to Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I have plenty of books to read, I just don’t know what I want to read. I have bought some new books, one is something I got intrigued by when they just had an excerpt on when Waldenbooks was still around in Government Center. I used to go there almost every Saturday to buy books. One visit I had an armful of books which would have been at least $70 or more along with a tote bag. I put half of them back. I don’t remember now if I bought the tote bag or if you had to spend so much money to get it free. On Facebook, John Grisham just opened a group for his fans. I haven’t worked out the settings because it is hogging up my feed. Every new person says “thank you for the add. I love *this book* and can’t wait for the Oct new one.” I don’t fricken care! Same with my MASH group. I must have had 10 people say MASH is available on Hulu now, all 11 seasons. I don’t care, I have the DVDs, though I was warned that season 9 and 10 were the same and I would have to purchase one of those seasons separately. I haven’t gone that far yet. I just am up to season 1. I did see the last episode as I was never able to catch it on TV. Sad one. The nice thing about the DVD is no commercials or ads. I love the show and the group. They will post a quote and I will laugh or feel sad. Like Margaret has a few scenes where she shows her soft side and it just gets you. One person in the group doesn’t like BJ and I hate when he posts because he calls him bipolar. He is acting for crying out loud!! It is what made the show! Pisses me off. One guy I had to mute because he is a recovering alcoholic and all throughout the show, they all drink. If it bothers you, don’t watch it!!

I still need to pack my bag for my friend’s BBQ. I got a text saying he cleaned the pool. I am so excited. It should be a good day as long as my foot/ankle doesn’t flare up. It is also going to be a hot one. Perfect weather for the pool and BBQ. Just hope my swim trunks still fit. I bought them a few years ago. They were loose on me. They should fit me now because I gained a few pounds. I just got to find my carry on bag. If not, I will just bring a backpack. I got plenty of those!

any thoughts?

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