hot and sleepy day

Hot and sleepy day

I woke up around 0100. I didn’t fall back to sleep until after 0300. I was playing with the AC settings so that it would be cool but not freezing in my room. I think I shut my AC off as I woke up hot before my med alarm went off. I took my meds and turned the AC on. I didn’t even check to see what the setting were. I just went back to sleep, hoping to sleep for a couple more hours and then get up to start the day.

I didn’t get up until 1330. I still wanted coffee. My mother’s sugar was low, though she didn’t tell me this. She asked for a pepsi but I needed to pee really bad so I used the bathroom, then she said forget it so I brushed my teeth. She was in the kitchen to gobble up some sugar. I knew what that meant, but I didn’t say anything. Freaking out wasn’t going to solve anything. I asked her if she wanted coffee and she said she did so I put the kettle on. I also made an egg as I was hungry. We had very little juice left and she doesn’t like my juice because “it is too sweet” so I planned on going to Stop and Shop. I have been craving a turkey sandwich so I figure I would get some turkey breast as well. I missed the bus and would have to wait an hour for the next one. I drank my coffee.

I checked the bus schedules to see which bus would come first. I thought I printed out both schedules but I printed out the same schedule twice. OOPS. I would have to wait for a half hour for the bus I printed out the schedule twice. I waited a few minutes and then got dressed. Then I went downstairs to get my bag ready. I inherited my father’s bag on wheels shopping cart. I took that. I should have taken a regular bag as well but didn’t think of it till I was at the bus stop. I could always buy another one when I got to the store. The bus took a long time to get here, even though it said 6 minutes. The sun was beating down on the stop, making it really hot. I got off at the stop and my mother called as I was in the middle of the street. I can’t see in the sun so waited until I was safely across before I got my phone out of my pocket. She wanted fricken eggs if they were on sale. For fucks sake! OK whatever.

I went to the deli to get the cold cuts. I wish I bought salami but forgot. Oh well. I then went to get the other stuff I needed. I looked at the juice my mother likes (from concentrate. I like not from concentrate.) I finally found a half gallon. I checked my list to make sure I had everything. My mother wanted the paper so I went to the front of the store to put it in my bag. The milk, juice, and creamer made the bag really heavy. I am glad it rolls away. Carrying it would hurt. I paid for my things and checked the time. The next bus would be here soon. I wanted to play the lottery but there was a long line. I left and waited for the bus. The bus driver was an asshole. People pressed the button but he didn’t stop. Then he yelled about it. So people pressed the button then yelled for him to stop. Jerk. I got off and was a sweating mess. I struggled to carry the items up the stairs. I went one step at a time and then called my mother to get the bag for eggs. It was light. She asked me why I bought jumbo and I said they were on sale. Then she said why the white ones. Because they were on sale. The brown ones were $2.39, large was $2.89 or something like that. I paid $1.89 rather than $1.59 like the sign said. Oh well. I didn’t tell my mother that. Hope I threw the receipt away because if she sees it she will get mad.

We had dinner and I am now resting in the cool air. I fix the setting on the AC to what they were before I touched them. For some reason, the energy saver doesn’t use the cool function. I need to get a new AC that is more energy efficient. This one is at least 10 years old, if not more.

My foot is talking to me. Sox won. Now I have the evening free. I want to watch a movie. I might watch Lincoln or maybe read. I don’t know. I’ll probably play with my phone until I get bored and go to sleep. I need to fill my med box for the week. Then I got to start writing good-bye letters. I think I will do that Tuesday. Some idiot on Twitter responded to my tweet about it. Wanted me to call a hotline. I did all I could from cussing her out. I deleted the tweet so no one else could respond to it. Still makes me mad because she doesn’t know a thing about me and comes out of the woodwork to say something that isn’t helpful. Bitch, go back to your happy place and leave me the fuck alone.

any thoughts?

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