hot day turns into T-storms

Hot day turns into T-Storms

I woke up around 10. My mother was already at the hospital. I had a bad night of sleeping and pain. I had already told her if I slept and didn’t have pain, I would go. She understood as there was little for me to do at the hospital anyways.

I made breakfast but not until I shut the kitchen door and let it cool down some. It was a sauna as all the mugginess was in the kitchen. I am glad I was home because the thunderstorms we had would have flooded the kitchen. I made bacon and eggs. It was good. I then had coffee and as usual, felt sleepy so napped. My sister called me when my mother was still in surgery. I was half asleep. I told her I didn’t feel good. My ankle acted up while I was cooking. I spent the afternoon in bed and having a weird dream that I was admitted to a really bad rehab hospital. It was almost like a nightmare. The rain must have been getting in my dream because there was water everywhere.

After I woke from my nap, I called my sister to see how my mother was doing. She was in recovery and soon headed to her room. Surgery went well and she was a little nauseous. My sister texted me her room number. I tried calling a few times but no answer. I’ll call tomorrow to see how she is.

I haven’t done anything other than what I just described. It was very stormy out and I was afraid we would lose power. The temp dropped but the humidity didn’t. I hate that. What is the purpose of rain if it doesn’t get cooler. The All Star game is on but I don’t feel like watching it. They had a delay due to rain. I hope the AL wins, but then I always do. Think I am going to read a couple of chapters of The Poe Shadow. I’m not really interested in it but I started it so I need to finish. It is a fairly easy book to read, not as complicated as Dostoevsky. I’ll take my night meds soon and hopefully have an easy night. I’m not in super pain, which is surprising as the barometric pressure has been all over the place. I somewhat feel a migraine coming on as I have a pain right above my right eye. Allergies have been awful today. I don’t know if it is a migraine or sinus stuff because I am congested. I hate allergies. Stupid pollen! Course being in the kitchen doesn’t help because the windows are covered in pollen. Least I will have the door closed so no more gets in the house. Supposed to be 70 tomorrow. I don’t know what the humidity will be. It was 88% last I check an hour or so ago. YUCK!

any thoughts?

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