Sister’s party and other things.

Sister’s party and other things.

Today was my sister’s birthday. My middle sister and the birthday girl’s husband threw a party. It was good. The food was excellent. My feet for the most part behaved. My aunts were my aunts. The lunatic one really got on my nerves. I knew she was going to sit at the table I was sitting at because I was with my mother. OMG the arguing between the three of them. I wish I was drinking. Then the lunatic wanted pictures when they did the cake. She took pics of my two sisters and I must have been dog meat because she didn’t take the three of us. I was so fricken mad. But she came over and took a pic of me and my little cousin. That was okay. Not to me but to her. I swear our feelings for each other are mutual. I have tolerated her over the years but I can’t anymore. I am just glad she doesn’t come over the house as often.

I wanted to wear my boot but I couldn’t find the piece that goes in the front. I wanted to wear it for my right foot. I have no idea if that would work as I wore it for my left. But standing and sitting and everything at the party, it would have been helpful, I think. Least to take my weight off the injury. I might end up in the thing anyways but I am not sure. I just know until I find that piece, I can’t use what I have and that sucks. I know it is in my room but when I was clearing the stuff in front of my window so my brother in law could take out my AC, I was just throwing shit everywhere, not really paying mind to what it was and where it was landing. I bet it is somewhere that I just haven’t found yet. I should have stuck the think IN the fucking boot so I wouldn’t have misplaced it. I am so mad at myself. I honestly don’t know what to do until Monday. I got to call my PCP’s office as he needs to order me something to put my foot in. I am in too much pain to not be wearing something. Plus I got to find out about the pain program and if I should start it. I am going to email the physiatrist in charge and see what he thinks. I am really up a creek. This couldn’t have happened at the worst time. I am glad I found out why I have so much pain I just wish my damn chickenshit pcp did a better job at putting me in something. Course the stupid NP thought I had plantar fasciitis and was sticking to that. Asshole. I really wish I was awake enough to tell her off but I was so shocked by the news that I couldn’t even begin to ask questions. Plus she was just like see an ankle specialist okay bye, which didn’t help. I hate having to constantly fight just to get care. Going to put an ice pack on my ankle with a tear so maybe it will speak to me again…

any thoughts?

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