blur of days

Blur of days

Friday night I was in a flare. I didn’t get to sleep till 0600 and then I slept all day. I only went downstairs twice to pee. I’ve been living off of protein bars and pie. I mostly been drinking Powerade. Today I was just tired and tried to sleep but my damn mother wanted me up. My sister got sent up to check on me and then she bitched about my room. I wanted to change my sheets today but I was too tired. I will try tomorrow. I left a message for the pain program explaining that my electrolytes are off, making me really tired. I told her it was up to her if she wanted to keep me in the schedule for Thursday. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to keep it. I want to but my body may say no.

I wish my mother was going out tomorrow but she is not. I get to hear the fucking Christmas movies she has been watching nonstop. She hasn’t been watching her regular shows. I swear I thought we were in December and then we argued over when it is, which is next week and she said no, it is the following week. Whatever. Pisses me off.

any thoughts?

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