The I should have stayed in bed day

The I should have stayed in bed day

I woke up at 6 with my entire body feeling like spaghetti. I knew if I just laid there it would get worse so I sat up to take an Ativan before it could. When I sat up, my damn foot exploded. It was three hours before I had to take my morning pain med so I took a breakthrough med. I should have known today was going to be shitty and just stayed in bed but I wanted to descale my sister’s Keurig. I followed the instructions and that would be it? Right?

Three hours later, I woke up. Took my meds. I was in pain but it wasn’t as bad as three hours ago. I grabbed what I needed and headed to down to my sister’s. My niece wasn’t up yet. Teenager so it was early for her. I had my coffee and when I was finished, I started the descaling. I made sure I had things right and followed everything. I did 3 rinses and was going to do a fourth. I shut the machine off while I filled the reservoir for the final rinse, and when I put it on the machine, I turned it on. Nothing happened. I turned it on and off again. Then on and waited like 15 minutes. I think I burned out the heating mechanism as it was dead silent. I had no clue what I did wrong. I felt super bad about this. I will buy my sister a new machine Monday when I get paid. I hate that they have no coffee for the weekend. Maybe I will get them a Dunkin card to compensate for them having to buy coffee. I feel really horrible this happened. I texted my sister when she got out of work. I got no response other than omg after I said I was so sorry.

I checked on the machine a couple of hours to see if cooling down would make it work again and it didn’t. My niece didn’t eat anything but cereal. She refused anything else. I wasn’t going to fight with her.

I went to nap and my foot became an ice pack and it felt like I had a penetrating ice cube on one spot of my foot. I tried to ignore it but it didn’t work. On went the socks and heating pad. Now my damn foot is hotter than hot. I got up to take my night meds and holy fuck. It felt like I was compressing all the bones in my ankle joint and the ligaments/tendons went with them because they didn’t know what else to do. Every time I stand up I have this pain. It is so excruciating. The heel pain has sort of gotten better. I got these gel pads and they have really helped. I am going to try it in the “real world” aka outside in my sneaker. I am not going to go to therapy on Monday. I have been feeling so off. Yesterday I felt like death. I barely ate and my sister had these candles that kept making me sneeze and made my nose run. I had to take 2 benadryl last night to stop my nose from running away. I was so miserable.

I ate good today. I haven’t had the custard pie yet. I had the chocolate pie for breakfast. I always do after thanksgiving. I hate calling it that because white people were so mean to the Natives and continue to be so why celebrate their generosity when we took all their land away or killed them for it or just killed them because they retaliated or infected them with smallpox and other European diseases. It was no better than what the Nazis did to the Jewish population in the 1930s and 1940s. Yet Americans had to save them then shun them. Got humans are so rotten to one another. Not all humans but those with the white supremacy attitudes. Makes me sick to my stomach. And the fucking NRA quotes the Constitution to say something after an ED doc got killed while the “This is our lane” banter was going on. I felt like saying to them, so you are perfectly fine with a 2 year old finding a handgun under a pillow and killing themselves all because the second amendment gives the kid the right to bear arms??? Seriously??? The gun should have had a gun lock on it or the safety on at least. I honest have never owned a gun or even looked at one other than the rifle my father used to own but he was fucking crazy and wanted to kill my cousin or shoot people that pissed him off so he should NOT have had a gun! But I really think gun owners that want to work with legislation on how to control mass shootings would be a HUGE help. I honestly don’t think the Constitution wanted bump stocks and magazines and military grade weapons for civilians. But if you are against what I am talking about, go find another fucking blog to read because you are part of the problem. Do you cheer every time there is a mass shooting? Seriously, go fuck yourself with your gun. I am tired of school kids fearing for their lives, having drills and then worrying about exams. Kind of pointless if they are dead. I have a 13 year old niece and it scares me and must terrify my sister. I hope it doesn’t happen but I know the rhetoric “it won’t happen here” doesn’t work. 4 teenagers died in the town over from me from laced weed! So I know it can happen anywhere. OK I am off my soapbox for today. Hope you all be safe and say I love you a little more often.

any thoughts?

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