It sucks being atypical

It sucks being Atypical

I just got off the phone with my psychiatrist. She thinks my musical “hallucinations” are not really psychotic in nature but are migraine in nature and that I should contact my neurologist. So Tuesday I will be calling to set up an appointment with her. I just hope they have fixed their phone lines because the last time I tried calling, I kept on getting a busy signal, no matter what time I called. I am sort of relieved that I am not as psychotic as I feel. The music is still playing in my head. A Reba song just started playing and I haven’t heard that song in months. It plays from beginning to end and then will start over again.

I am feeling anxious about all this. Hopefully there is something that can be done about it. My psych was hesitant to suggest any meds because I am already on a slew of them and some of them interact with what I am taking. I have a slight headache so I took some Excedrin. It usually works for my migraines/headaches. I am reluctant to take the triptans for my headache because of the interaction with the Zoloft.

My sister is having a dinner party. She is making lasagna and eggplant parm. I am not a fan of either of those foods, but I may have some lasagna. The funny thing is, she didn’t “invite” me, my mother did. I find this funny, but it’s typical. They just expect me to show up without asking me first. Course, it’s not like I am doing anything else today.

I realized yesterday that other than the book that I read on Thursday, I really haven’t been doing any reading the past few days. Summer is almost over and I am still not finished with Dostoevsky. I think the last time I read his book was last weekend. I really need to get cracking if I want to finish this book sometime in the near future.

Baseball is going on right now. There has been no score through six innings. It hasn’t been a pitcher’s duel as the Sox has been getting hits. Unfortunately, they just haven’t been able to score. Very frustrating as all weekend we have been kicking the A’s butt. As there is not a late game tonight, maybe I can go to bed at a decent hour. I kind of woke up late and have been really tired, even though I had my coffee. I feel like I could take a nap but that is bad at this hour. I might watch a movie. I bought “The Outsiders” and still haven’t so much as taken the wrapper off it. Only reason I haven’t watch it is because it’s a sad ending. It’s one of my favorite books and movies. Because of this headache, I don’t think I can read. I just hope it doesn’t progress to a full migraine. I might make a cup of tea. I haven’t had one in a long time. It might be just enough caffeine to stave off this stupid headache.

any thoughts?

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