random 154

Random 154

I went to bed at a decent hour because the meds knocked me out. Then I woke up at 0100 and went to sleep two hours later. I had enough and sent my psychiatrist an email. I asked her how I was to get to the unit she wants me on. She is trying to get me a bed for tomorrow or Wednesday. I haven’t done much today except sleep. I planned on making myself something to eat around noon but that didn’t happen. I ended up falling asleep and not waking up until my mother called asking me what I wanted for dinner. She made fish and chips. Then I had a couple of muffins and toast. Now I am full.

I haven’t texted my therapist all day. The last text I sent her was last evening saying I was “high”. I have no idea why I texted her that. I was loopy as anything from the strong pain meds. It was like I was drunk but I hadn’t been drinking. I hate that feeling.

It snowed today. I must have missed the weather report on Twitter. I had no idea there was snow in the forecast. Seems this week is going to be shitty. I just hope that I can get to where I need to go without delays. I need to take a shower and cut my fingernails. Hate doing both, but it needs to happen. I also got to check my bag to see if I have T-Shirts. I don’t remember if I packed them or not. All these little details that go into an admission. I hate it. There is no guarantee that I will have my phone. I have no idea what kind of unit they have as I have never been on it. First time for everything, I guess.

Other than the blog world, I haven’t told anyone but one friend that I am going in the hospital. I am glad that I am going to one in Boston rather than the other hospital I went to in May. It’s just more convenient transit wise. My doc said that I might have to go through the ER to get a bed. I don’t know what they will do for me, but at least I won’t have my medication, all of them, at my disposal 24/7.

Man, I started this blog a half hour ago and took my pain meds. Now I am feeling the effects of it. I’m ready to go back to sleep. Least I am not in as much pain as I was. I think the strong pain pill broke the cycle of severe pain that I was in. I am glad because it was driving me crazy. I don’t take the pill every day or even every other day. Just when I can’t stand the pain anymore or the regular pain pill isn’t working. If I had known the meds were going to work this quickly, I would have waited a little longer.

I’m hoping my psych gets back to me before my therapy appointment and tells me to go to the hospital so I don’t have therapy. I really don’t want to talk to my therapist. Least being in the hospital will give me a much needed break from her. I know she will be happy not to have sessions with me. I am sure my suicidality has given her nightmares.

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G. Collerone

suicide attempt survivor writing about the hopelessness that accompanies depression that no one likes to talk about. also writing about my daily struggle with chronic pain and how it affects my suicidality

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