Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

I woke up in the afternoon after being up half the night due to pain. I had received a call from Walgreens about a prescription I refilled last week but didn’t pickup. I had to pick it up today. My mother called me because she was in pain and needed her walker. I got her that and then left for the store. After I was rung up, I talked to the pharmacist about CVS’s new opioid policy as I might be affected. He said that because I am long term, it shouldn’t affect me. I felt better about that and headed home.

I got home and the front door was open. I could have swore I closed it when I left the house. I climbed the stairs and there was commotion going on upstairs as my door was also open. I took off my brace and went up. Everyone was surrounding my mother and I was like what the fuck is going on. Apparently, after I left, my mother got cramps in her leg so bad that she couldn’t move. She was in agony. She had called my sister for help and she was still in a lot of pain even though the cramps had subsided.

Because the pain was in the back of her knee, I was worried about a blood clot or something so we finally convinced her to go to the hospital. We called an ambulance and took her. We spent four hours there. Thankfully there was no clot and the doc just thought it was inflammation. They gave her some pain medication and sent her home via ambulance as he didn’t want her going up the stairs. I rode in the ambulance home so the driver would know exactly what streets to go down. My sisters were waiting out front. I went to grab some food from next door as they were having a Patriots party. Everyone there was lit, including my neighbor. By the time I was done with my food and listening to the various conversations, my ankle was acting up. I told everyone I was going home and said my goodbyes.

I checked on my mother when I got home. My sister was still with her. She was still in pain but not as much. She has to sleep downstairs tonight. My sister made up the couch for her. I am not sure how much sleep she will have. I went up to my room to take my meds and cool off my room. It was stuffy as I had shut the door to keep the cool air in. It’s still hot but is cooling off slowly. My ankle is now hurting and I don’t remember or recorded the time I took my pain meds before heading to the hospital. Probably going to hurt all night because I had my leg in a sitting down or standing the whole time I was at the hospital with my mom. Fuck.

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