Ramblings 320

I was in a lot of pain after dinner. I took my night meds around 1900 and then read Twitter. One author I follow had retweeted an actor/comedian about his movie the Big Sick. He said it was free on Amazon Prime so I decided to watch it on my Kindle fire. It is really good. It took my mind off the pain for a couple of hours.

My foot started acting up once I started moving. I had to go to the bathroom and when I stood, OMG, it dos not like it one bit. My ankle and foot felt like it was fused. I couldn’t move them and if I tried, I was in mega pain. Going down the stairs was difficult. I did my business and then decided to taste test the stuffing my mother made. It wasn’t in the fridge. It was at the other end of the house, on our front porch. It was good. My foot didn’t like going around the house. Hated going back up the stairs even more. I took some pain meds and an Ativan. I am hoping to sleep soon.

I checked my bank account and it was off. I logged on and Zipcar had charged me $70. WTF. My first thought was someone hacked into my account. I went on the Zipcar site and learned it was the annual fee. Fuck. My therapist is not getting paid this month. I wish they had sent me a notification saying they were going to charge me so I could have budgeted it. Assholes. That really set me back. I will still have some money after everything is said and done but I hate skipping a bill because it is hard to play catch up. Next month I should be able to double it, provided no unexpected expenses come up.

I am really tired of being in pain all day. I wish I could stay in my room all day tomorrow but I got to do the family thing. I just hope i am not going up and down stairs all day because I’ll refuse. I don’t want to flare up if I don’t have to.

My mother was cold earlier so I had to turn up the heat, even though it was like 50 degrees out at the time. Now it is 38 and the heat kicked on. It is not cold in my room but it will be roasting soon.  I still have the window open and I think it stopped raining. I rather be cold than hot.

I am going to see if I can find another movie to watch that is free. If not I’ll call it a night and snooze, I hope. Hopefully the pain meds settle the pain a little so I can sleep. I still can’t believe I’ve been in pain from 0730 continuously till now which is 2300. That is nuts. It is just awful.

any thoughts?

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