OSU vs TTUN and other things

OSU vs TTUN and other things

I woke up really early, like 4. I wanted bacon but my mother was sleeping and I knew she wouldn’t like me leaving her a dirty pan on the stove when she got up. So I ordered McD’s. I have been wanting their sausage burrito for a while. I was disappointed I didn’t get the hashbrowns with my order. I made coffee afterwards, thinking I was going to be up for most of the day. Yeah, right. I brought up the coffee and drank it all while reading Coraline. I must have read like 3 pages and then sleepiness took over. So much for a caffeine kick! I set my alarm as I did not want to miss the OSU game at noon. I then slept until it went off.

I got up and the house smelled of bacon! My mother made some and left me a few pieces. Score for my bacon fix! I ate it while watching some stupid Fox analyst panel debate the game as to who was going to win, why, how, blah blah blah. Then the game started and the announcers were pro Xichigan (Michigan to my non-Buckeye fans). I had no say in the network (who does), but I ignored them the best I could. I had tweeted my therapist friend that I would be watching the game. The only time I messed up tweeting was when I thought we scored a field goal and we didn’t. Damn announcers were wrong! I ended up deleting the tweet.

It was a good game. I was sad when their starting quarterback got hurt. I later found out some camera man ran into him prior to the play. The head coach was going to find out who he was because there were a few people that said it was intentional. I don’t know if that is true but I don’t like when my QB gets hurt either. He is an awesome player and has done well with OSU. I’d really hate for a knee injury to end his senior year and potential NFL career because someone hated that we were kicking Xichigan’s ass after halftime. The backup quarterback did well and OSU won 31-20.

My therapist friend loved “watching” my tweets during the game. I laughed and told him he should watch me when I watch a baseball game. HA HA, pitch by pitch and play by play. I have entertained one of my dearest friends that I have known for almost 17 years now. It’s mostly swears, so it is very colorful analysis more than what is going on. LOL I really was surprised I was able to watch the entire game without too much pain. Today has to be the first time all week when I could actually use my ankle the way it is intended. It is a little sore now but I’ve kept up with my pain meds so I don’t think I will be up all night again. Least I hope I won’t.

I have been sneezing like crazy all day. Probably because I got the window open and it was a little warm today so pollen might have come in. I was just scrolling through twitter and one person I follow (who does Pokemon Go) tweeted that she screamed in a restaurant she was at “there is an onion bird in here” follow by pic of onion bird. OMG I am laughing so hard, I am crying. I’ve included the pic (where on closer inspection is a bird with a leek or a scallion in its wing). Hope you get a laugh out of it like I have. I might have to go through the tissue box as I am still cry laughing. LOL

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