will I ever have a low pain day??

Will I ever have a low pain day??

I was texting a friend around 2200 last night and fell asleep on him. I didn’t mean it, it just happened. I woke up a couple hours later, around midnight, from a dream that I was in pain. Except it was true. I was in pain. The side of my foot was burning and then more pain happened as I sat up to take care of the burning pain. I didn’t go back to sleep again till around 5 after having a bowl of cereal. It was the last of my cereal that I had. My sister was going to get me some but I think she forgot. I slept for around 5 hours, waking up again in pain.

My brother in law was going to change my ceiling fan so I decided to shave and shower. My ankle didn’t like it one bit. I stood for too long. But I feel cleaner. My brother in law came home from his weekend trip but wasn’t feeling good. So much for him taking care of the ceiling fan. If I had the money, I would hire someone. I hate depending on him for things.

I went to my sister’s apartment for a plate of leftovers. I put it in for a little over 2 mins and it was half cold, half hot. I ate what was hot and then reheated the plate for another minute or so. My mother wanted tea so I made her and myself a cup. I also had some of my Nantucket cranberry cake. It was awful. The cranberries were terrible, though the cake part was good. I am never buying those brand again. I will only buy Ocean Spray.

Pain is leveling off but my ankle bone pain refuses to yield. I was in BPD chat when it started acting up. That was like 2 hours ago and the pain has only gone down a little bit. Might have to take the strong pain pill. It is always hard to tell if it will get better or worse in time. I hate the unpredictability of this condition. My foot is getting cold. That isn’t a good thing. Last night I was able to avoid wearing thermal socks. I don’t think I will be able to tonight. Temps are supposed to go to the 20s after 1900 or so. I was watching the weatherman’s tweet while I was up this morning. He said the temps were going to be all over the place. And so far they have been. Since putting on a hospital blanket, I have been warmer than using the comforter. Sometimes I need both but I then I get hot and need to take the comforter off. If I had known this thin blanket was so warm, I would have put it on my bed sooner!

any thoughts?

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