Nor’Easter number??

Nor’Easter number ?

We have had so many storms in the last few weeks that I have lost count which number this is. It is bad. I took a pic when I came down to the kitchen at noon and one of the screen doors was half covered in snow and the bottom was just a huge pile of snow that had drifted that end of the house. Surprisingly, I haven’t been in as much pain as I was yesterday. I was up most of the night, fighting nausea and then got really bad indigestion. I need to get some Mylanta the next time I go to Walgreens. I ran out and keep forgetting to grab it.

I made coffee with my new French press. I was so tired when I was making it that when it was time to pour the coffee, I didn’t know how. HAHA There is a lever now. My old one just had a screen that you turned. I love this new one. I made Kopelani coffee. It was good with caramel notes and like the guy at Starbucks said, a little smokey. I was glad it wasn’t overpowering. I drank half of it and got hungry so I made some boiled eggs. I wanted to make bacon but I didn’t have the energy for it. After I finished the eggs I went up to my room. I was so fricken cold, down to my bones. I felt like I was never going to get warm again. I was tired so decided to take a nap. I was just drifting off when my mother began calling me, telling me dinner was ready. I wasn’t hungry. I wanted sleep dammit! God she is so annoying! She heated up some beef stew that she made months ago.

I’m still not hungry. I could go back to sleep but decided to write for a bit. My ankle was kind of cramping when I woke up from my nap. It was hurting so I took a pain med. I wanted to read today but I don’t have the brain to do it. I might make some orange spice tea and just play on my phone. I’ve been on Facebook most of the day. A lot of people have been posting in my CRPS group. Makes the time goes by talking to my support friends.

My psychiatrist rescheduled my appt for tomorrow so I don’t have to go out. I will see her on Friday. Not sure what the city is gonna look like after the storm. It’s really bad with all the snow. In yesterday’s mail, I got a thing from my student loans. I get a piece of mail from them every few months. This one was telling me the interest rate was changing. I think there is an error because it went from 2.85% to 328%! I meant to call today but I forgot. I will call tomorrow. I also need to change my name with them

any thoughts?

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